Our two lucky players that have won their free round of golf for this edition of the newsletter:

Stephanie Grosvenor (I parred a hole, very exciting)

George Grant (enjoyed the course and would like to play again)

Congratulations on your prize of a free round of golf that can be redeemed outside club competition times – please call into the pro-shop to see Stewart and the team to arrange your free game.

The Holden Scramble will be on Friday 2nd September. The last couple of years have been a huge success and this year’s event should be no different. The format is once again a 4 person elimination ambrose and there will be lots of great prizes and a gift for everyone playing on the day. Entry forms are available now in the pro shop, so start organising your team. If you have any questions about the event please ask one of our staff members.

The Handiskins Tournament will be hosted for the 3rd consecutive year in 2016. The event which has been enjoyed by members over the past 3 years has a few new incentives to make this year’s tournament even more exciting. There are more giveaways including wine and a national final at Hamilton Island Resort. Once again participants will combined their best 3 rounds over 5 qualifying days. Players’ scores and their ranking will be listed on the Handiskins website after each round. The top 4 players after Round 5 will participate in a club final skins match for $1200 which is extremely exciting for all. This year’s qualifying rounds will be held on the following dates (weather permitting);

Round 1 – Saturday 20th August

Round 2 – Saturday 27th August

Round 3 – Saturday 3rd September

Round 4 – Saturday 10th September

Round 5 – Saturday 17th September

Club Final (Skins for Top 4) – Saturday 24th September

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Golf Tip

Golf Tip

By Head Professional – Stewart Hardiman

Routine, Rhythm & Balance

I’m often asked, what should I focus on when on the golf course?

My answer is always the same, Routines, Rhythm and Balance. I don’t like golfers thinking about technique too much on the course. I prefer to focus on my rhythm and balance which encourages me to think of my swing as a whole motion, rather than a combination of different positions. These technical thoughts should be left for the practice fairway.

I encourage every golfer to develop a routine for all their shots. Routines will vary slightly from full swings to pitching, chipping and putting, but all will be a series of consistent steps to get yourself into a position to execute the shot at hand. This will allow you to be focused on the process and increase your chances of a good result.

A good routine will always include a practise swing before addressing the ball. This is the perfect time to develop a good feel for the swing, pitch, chip or putt as a whole motion with good rhythm and balance. I believe most poor shots are a result of these two abilities being non-existent. When you’re playing next try to focus on a nice smooth rhythm and a balanced finish position during your practice swing and then try to repeat this when hitting your shot. For full shots this will result with you finishing balanced on your front leg, belly facing the target and your back heel of the ground, like Ben Hogan in the 1950 U.S.Open at Merion.

If you need help with any areas of your game, please contact either Paul or myself. We are more than happy to help you improve your game.

The Biggest Loser Competition was contested by 6 Hurstville Golf Club members from the 16th April to 30th June. The purpose of the event was to enable the participants to unlimited golf lessons for a 10 week period and see who could lower their handicap by the greatest nett margin. I had the pleasure of teaching Jeff, Simon, Tim and Janette who all improved their skill level during the competition. Paul instructed Jim and Garry who also improved numerous parts of their game.

Our winner was Simon Flack who started on a handicap of 27.2 and reduced it to 25.3 for a nett difference of 6.98%. For his efforts, Simon’s membership fees of $275 are being paid by BlueFit Golf. Congratulations Simon on a fantastic effort.

A good field of 104 Ladies from Hurstville, Cronulla, Woolooware, Kareela, Bexley and Beverley Park Golf Clubs laughed and smiled their way through the damp and gloomy conditions Mother Nature delivered in support of Ovarian Cancer.

Marilyn Holdsworth was a Lady Member of Hurstville Golf Club who passed away early this year after a long battle with Cancer. Marilyn was one of the founding Lady Members of Hurstville and was very active as a Liaison Officer for the Hurstville Lady Members and will be greatly missed by all.

I was happy to be involved for a great cause and was asked to “Drive for a Donation” off our 1st Tee in lieu of a Gold Coin donation. I trust my tee shots assisted in a small and fun way to assist the day.

The Charity Auction and Lunch was hosted by Sue Eller (HGC Member) at the end of proceedings was a huge success with $7300 raised for Ovarian Cancer. Sue would like to thank HGC for their donation, Bluefit and Hurstville Council for use of the Golf Course and all the Ladies who donated their time and efforts for the day.

Part of the funds raised from the auction have been able to purchase a Memorial bench for Marilyn which will be displayed on the golf course soon and will be a nice way to reflect on Marilyn.

Paul Skinner

After much anticipation the new 17th hole was finally opened for the February Monthly Medal. The tee shot is much easier now with the removal of the 2 paperbark trees on the corner of the dog leg. I don’t believe there are too many complaints about their disappearance. The clearer approach shot should also make for a slightly easier shot, however players are now hitting longer clubs into the green which is approximately 10m longer and elevated around 3m. Factoring in all the changes, I believe the hole is slightly more difficult, but will leave that open for debate.

The rest of the course is looking great thanks to Barry and his team which has had a few changes of late. Congratulations to Nathan (Touks) who has moved to Canterbury Golf Course after accepting the role of Head Superintendant. Nathan will be missed as he did a wonderful job maintaining the course whilst here and has been replaced by his older brother Chris who is continuing on with the same work ethic. With all the humidity of late the boys have been flat out on the mowers battling against the rapid growth of all things green. I’m sure they are all looking forward to the weather cooling down.

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Golf Tip

Golf Tip

By Head Professional – Stewart Hardiman

Trusting your game on the Golf Course

Many of us golfers have beautiful practice swings, silky smooth practice strokes and are experts on the driving range and short game practice areas. Then we go to the course and it just doesn’t feel the same. We struggle with our swing, spray shots off line and can’t hole a putt to save our lives. Why does this happen? Well one of the reasons could well be that you are trying too hard, instructing yourself technically and not trusting your game and what you have worked on in practice. You end up giving yourself a lesson for most of the round, spending most of your time thinking about controlling different body parts and getting your club into certain positions, that you forget to think outside the bubble you are standing in.

So what should I be doing?

Well, like most things in life, there is a time and a place for everything. With golf there’s a time to practice and develop your skills. This is on the driving range/short game area and NOT on the golf course. On the golf course is where we trust what we have been practicing (preferably after some advice from a PGA professional) and let it happen. We need to get out of our own way, believe in our ability and be more instinctive. Thoughts should be more directed at visualizing ball flight (starting line, curve, landing spots, roll and spin), rather than thoughts on technical aspects (keep your head down, left arm straight, right knee flexed and so on), which distract us from focusing on our target and intended flight or roll.

How can we change achieve this?

It all starts with a good practice plan. Rather than turn up to the practice fairway or green without any purpose. Set a plan for how you are going to mix up your practice. Every session should have a mix of technique and feel / routine. If you are all technique when practicing, it’s virtually impossible to switch to an instinctive feel game on the golf course. Below is an example of a practice plan that will help you take your natural game to the golf course.

45 minutes on practice fairway

  • 5 mins – warm up exercises and some small wedge shots
  • 10 mins – working on alignment, ball position and technical thought n.o 1
  • 10 mins – working on routine and technical thought n.o 2
  • 20 mins – hitting shots to target and switching ball flight between low, high, draw and fade (thoughts are purely on routine and ball flight, No Technique)

30 minutes putting green

  • 10 minutes – short putts working on one technical thought (can use aids like shafts laid on ground or a string line mark on green)
  • 5 minutes – with one ball around the clock (12, 3, 6 & 9) from inside 4 feet and lining ball up and using routine (no thought on technique, purely feel and instinct)
  • 10 minutes – long putts working on one technical though (vary length of putts)
  • 5 minutes – one ball lining up for long putt and using routine as you would in competition (routine should be consistent in length of time and use a ball marker when lining up ball as you would on the course)

Hopefully these practice plans will help give you some ideas on how the schedule your practice sessions and take a more confident and relaxed game onto the golf course.

The BlueFit Academy juniors are back into the swing of things in 2016. After 6 weeks off over the Christmas and New Year period both Paul and I are pleased to see our juniors returning enthusiastic and with big smiles. We would also like to extend a warm welcome to all our new members starting their golf journey.

This year we are looking to increase each child’s golf course exposure in an attempt to improve their games, especially their short games from inside 50m. We have commenced some training sessions on course, where parents have joined their sons and daughters to play a modified course. Par 3’s are no longer than 100m, Par 4’s 175m and Par 5’s 250m. It’s a great concept where the kids have lots of fun on an easier golf course and the parents witness their child learning golf and life skills whilst caddying and forming a team together.

We also had a squad of 8 juniors (Shashank, Ryan, Clayton, Aaryan, Liam, Victoria, Samson and Dylan) competing in a new Jack Newton Junior Golf Event called the Tyro Shield. The competition was organised for children aged 8 – 12 years without handicaps to play against other children from neighbouring golf clubs. On Sunday 6th our team played the first round against Eastlake at Bexley Golf Course. Our team of Shashank, Ryan, Clayton and Victoria played beautifully and displayed great sportsmanship whilst defeating Eastlakes 4 – 0. The team really enjoyed the day and so did the parents who caddied and witnessed some wonderful shots.

On Sunday 13th Feb we hosted the event at Hurstville. Our team of Shashank, Samson, Liam and Dylan played nicely against Bexley and were unlucky to be defeated 3 – 1. The highlight of the day was watching the boys encouraging each other down the final hole. They really united as a team.

The final round was held at Woolooware Golf Course and our team was Clayton, Ryan, Aaryan and Victoria. The team played really well despite being matched up against the home team in testing weather conditions. But even the heaviest rain couldn’t dampen their smiles and they should be proud of their 2 – 2 draw.

On Wednesday 16th March Paul and I travelled down to the Mornington Peninsula with a crew of Hurstville Golf Club members to play Portsea, Moonah Links and St Andrews Beach Golf Courses. There were a few familiar faces from last year’s trip to Tasmania. Tim Horne, Frank Naro, Neil Munro, Steve Armitage and Janette Lisle were back for another shot at the title, but there was no sign of a defending champion with John Belshaw missing in action.

A smooth Jetstar flight saw us arrive in Melbourne. Despite being unfamiliar with Melbourne Airports new terminal 4, we managed to located our mini bus and yours truly was back behind the wheel looking to shut out any bad memories from last year’s incident where I had a slight altercation with a barricade at a service station.

After a pleasant lunch stop in Sorrento, we arrived at Portsea Golf Club, our home for the next 2 nights. Without any delay we were straight onto the golf course to challenge Portsea’s testing links. The course was difficult, dry, fast and similar to NSW and St Michaels, with jungle of the fairways and plenty of run offs around the greens. Top score for Day 1 was Neil Munro with 33 points.

After the round we all headed to Portsea Hotel, which is a beautiful old pub located right on the water. Craft beers, fish and chips were popular amongst the group as we watched the sunset and chatted the evening away.

Day 2 started with a sleep in for most……Frank and Garry were super keen and slipped in another 9 holes early at Portsea. Breakfast was great. Pancakes, French toast, Bacon and Eggs with mushrooms and tomato. Even some pastries to finish with. Paul and I then invited everyone to the chipping and putting green where we gave bunker, chipping and putting lessons. Everyone came along and received a few tips and then it was off in the bus to Moonah Links.

The Golf Course for Day 2 was Moonah Links Legends Course. Conditions were hot, although there was a little breeze and the course looked magnificent. Todd started us off with a cracking drive down the middle from an elevated Par 5 tee. Top score for Day 2 was Frank Nardo with 40 points.

After the round we headed back to Portsea for a quick change and then it was off to an Italian restaurant in Sorrento called Italian Co. We were looked after with beautiful pizza, pasta and red wine. It was a great evening and everyone enjoyed the night.

Those that managed to sleep through night 2, woke to see wild wind and rain pelting down. There was talk of alternatives to playing golf……shopping…..casino, but we decided to head out to St Andrews Beach Golf Course and see if conditions would ease.

We waited for around 1 hour and then there was a slight break in the weather. We decided to make a run for it and ventured out onto the links. It was blowing 50 plus knots and the rain returned early in the round and it looked like we may have made the wrong decision. Fortunately the rain disappeared on the back nine and we only had to contend with the gusty winds. In was a tough but memorable day around a spectacular golf course and top score went to Janette Lisle with an impressive 35 points.

Due to our late start it was quickly back into the bus and off to Melbourne airport for our flight home. Presentations would have to wait. It was a pretty uneventful trip back which was pleasing for me. I managed to refuel without crashing the bus and everyone grabbed some Maccas for a late lunch/early dinner.

Our flight was delayed slightly, which gave us extra time to conduct our presentation. Our winner for the Barny Rubble / Mornie Golf Trip was Frank Nardo with 101 points for the 3 days. It was a remarkable comeback from last year disappointment of winning the Bradmans Trophy in Tasmania. Garry Williams was consistent for all days and came 2nd with 96 points.

The trip was extremely enjoyable and I would like to personally thank everyone who came along for making it soooo much fun. All scores can be seen below and we look forward to doing it all again at a different location next year.

Frank              32, 40, 29 = 101

Stewart          28, 38, 32 = 98

Garry               31, 37, 28 = 96

Neil                33, 31, 30 = 94

Janette          24, 35, 34 = 93

Jan                 32, 34, 24 = 90

Steve              32, 33, 23 = 88

Paul                31, 30, 25 = 86

Todd               32, 28, 25 = 85

Greame          20, 30, 28 = 78

Davo               28, 25, 16 = 69

Andrew          21, 25, 22 = 68

Tim                 22, 21, 25 = 68

On the Sunday evening, the guest speaker was James Gribble who has created “Empower Golf” to increase participation of people with a disability into the game of golf. James himself was a keen golfer until an unforeseen accident resulted in him becoming a quadriplegic and through great amounts of discipline and determination he is back on the golf course and swinging a golf club again. A photo of him is below. I was fortunate enough to have a game with James in the pro-am on the Monday afternoon and was an inspiration to see him hit a ball and made the rest of us fortunate enough to be able to use our limbs fully to participate in the game of golf.

The tournament itself unfortunately for me was not a success having missed the cut by four shots.

This resulted in me entering the sweepstakes event on the third and last days for players failing to make the cut and the result was a tied 8th place which was a small consolation and small amount of prize money paid for the result as well.

Trainee events to follow over the next two months include Glenmore Heritage Park, Asquith, Oberon, Moruya, Stonecutters Ridge and then hitting the pro-am circuit for the end of March and beginning of April to play courses in Wagga Wagga and Canberra.

Thanks to all the members here at Hurstville who show an interest in my progression throughout the traineeship while I am working with Stewart and Paul.

Keep on swinging everyone (which was also James Gribble’s key message during his presentation).

Yours sincerely,

Craig (Trainee Professional at Hurstville Golf Course)


Open to a maximum of 10 members ONLY from Hurstville Golf Club.

The opportunity to nominate your golf coach for 10 weeks:

  • Stewart
  • Paul
  • Craig

UNLIMITED 30 minute golf lessons from your coach during the program

The winner will be crowned “The Biggest Loser” and their membership to Hurstville Golf Club paid for the next 12 months. See the team in the shop at Hurstville for more details


Our two lucky players that have won their free round of golf for this edition of the newsletter and their reason to justify wining:

March – James Brassil – I really, really need the practice

April – Peter Duncan – Because I try very hard and I need the practice

Congratulations on your prize of a free round of golf that can be redeemed outside club competition times – please call into the pro-shop to see Stewart and the team to arrange your free game.

Due to the successful trip to Barnbougle Dunes in May, Stewart has organised another tour for March 2016. Once again the tour will be a short trip where golfers will have the opportunity to play 3 rounds of golf at Portsea, Moonah Links and St Andrews Beach Golf Courses. These courses are some of the best public access golf courses in Victoria. The tour includes, 2 nights’ accommodation at the Mercure Portsea Resort in twin share rooms, plus breakfast both mornings. All rounds will be play in motorised golf carts, although those that wish to play the traditional way will be welcome to walk. Once again Stewart will be organising a bus for transfers, but don’t worry, he will also be organising someone else to drive the bus. For further information please contact Stewart by email golf@bluefit.com.au or call into the shop.


Portsea Golf Course                                                         Moonah Links Legends Golf Course                                                      St Andrews Beach Golf Course

Portsea   moonah  Standrews