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Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.26.44 am

On Friday 27th November Hurstville Golf Course hosted a Pro-Am for PGA professionals over 50 years of age. The field of 53 professionals including past British Open runner up Michael Harwood joined sponsors and members of Hurstville Golf Club to compete for the total prizemoney of $15,000 plus a small prize purse for the Super Senior winner. Unlike last year where golfers were challenged by extremely hot playing conditions, this year’s event was played in much more pleasant conditions. The day also coincided with the officially opening of the new 17th green. The winner of the PGA event was Mike Zilko, who had a superb round of 3 under par 67 in the afternoon playing with HGC members Tim Rothwell, Danny Rothwell and Todd Shaw. Some credit should go to these guys who obviously showed Mike how to play each hole with an abundance of quality shots. In second place was Bruce McLean who shot a 2 under par 68 in the morning field. Unfortunately for Bruce, he had to wait around all day (PGA rules) as the leader until the last card of was handed in which happened to be Mike’s. Below are some of the top professional scores and photos from the day.


proam  pram2

Below – group that should of won the day if the Pro had some game!!







On Sunday 13th December BlueFit hosted the Annual Christmas Junior Golf Tournament for all our Junior Academy members. The day is the highlight of the year for all our juniors who get out on the course and play either 3 or 5 holes, before having a BBQ lunch, presentation of prizes and receiving a lolly bag to take home. I must say, I was very impressed with some of the shots I saw on the day. As one of the coaches, it is encouraging to see that all the effort put into their games is helping their development as a golfer. It was also great to see all the parents out on the course caddying for their sons and daughters. I’m sure they enjoyed the experience as much as the kids. The winner of the 5 hole tournament with a score of 23 was Shashank Koirala and Andrew Alex won the 3 hole tournament with a fine score of 19. Congratulations to both boys and all the boys and girls who came along on the day.




How often do you hit the ball in the trees and when you punch out from the rough the ball pops up and hits the overhanging branches? Scratching your head to work out why???
It’s not lack of talent?? Assuming you’re not using a 7 iron – wedge!!
Angle of attack – It you put the ball back in your stance as recommended your hands are now well in front (left) of the ball. On your downswing this causes a much sharper clubface angle at impact which results the ball popping up or a rising trajectory shot like a jumbo jet taking off at Mascot.
To get the ball shooting out low and not popping up move your hands to the right so that they are only slightly in front(left) of the ball. This will allow you to make a more shallow swing without too much wrist action with a smaller divot and the ball will come out with a much lower trajectory. If you have a hybrid or a wide sole iron this will be even more effective and much easier to do!!
Try this next time you’re stuck in the trees, unless you’re stuck up a tree like Sergio Garcia in the photo…lol
Good Luck


Sergio Garcia tip



Our two lucky players that have won their free round of golf for this edition of the newsletter and their reason to justify wining:
October – Robert Dixon – I am poor
November – David Burns – I need the practice
Congratulations on your prize of a free round of golf that can be redeemed outside club competition times – please call into the pro-shop to see Stewart and the team to arrange your free game.

Wow!!! Is the only word that can describe the 2015 NRL Grand Final. It was arguably the best grand final we have witnessed since the Dragons smashed the Roosters 32-10 in 2010 decider….yes still holding on to old memories. The only disappointment was they were both Queensland teams, but they both showed up on the day and what a thriller it was. Congratulations to the North Queensland Cowboys and all their supporters.

As for the tipping comp, our last update had Garry Thomas (alias Wavefane) taking the lead from George Noakau (alias Ruatoki – mauri for Guru Tipster). Lurking behind them was Greg Anderson (NewBunnies) ready to pounce heading towards the finals.

In the end it was extremely close with Garry Thomas showing great composure to finish on 127 points, 3 clear of Greg Anderson on 124 points. 3rd position went to Gary Holt (no alias) on 122 points. Best of the proshop staff was Craig Cox (alias TraineeSharkie) who was 13 points behind on 114 points. In last was the Unhappy Dragon who wishes to stay anonymous. Thanks to all our contestants this year and enjoy a rest from the rigors of tipping each week, until 2016 when it will be on again.
Pics below – HGC member and winner of the 2015 NRL Tipping Comp Garry Thomas and Final Standings


Firstly, I would like to thank all my fellow members at Hurstville Golf Club that supported me for the recent ballot that provided the opportunity for three members to join me at the Pro-Am for the NSW/ACT Trainee State Championships (with the entry fees generously paid for by the Hurstville Golf Club Committee) and the monies raised going toward members receiving a golf lesson.
The ballot was drawn on Saturday 8th August and the winning members are listed below:
Jennifer Taff
Janette Lisle
Linda Rolfe
Todd McHardy
Col Tanner
Garry Williams
Tim Hooper
Greg Anderson
Jennifer Dennis

Todd McHardy (Managing Director – BlueFit Pty Ltd) was kind enough to donate his prize back as he is going to be too busy with nappies and burping his new baby over the coming months (NB: Todd is at the hospital waiting for his baby to be born on the day that this article is being written).
This meant that Janette Lisle, Linda Rolfe and Garry Williams were to make their way out to Riverside Oaks to join me (as both Jenny Taff and Col Tanner decided to take a thirty minute golf lesson for their prize along with Tim Hooper, Greg Anderson and Jennifer Dennis) on Sunday 16th August.
The day started with a sausage sizzle before a briefing about the format of the day which was a team stableford event with the best two scores to count. We were playing the new course at Riverside Oaks called Bungool (which was the same course being played for the Trainee Championships as well as the NSW PGA Championships being played in November) and we started from the 12th hole which was a strong par four. The day started slowly on the scorecard with three pointers gradually picking up more as the round progressed that complimented the less amount of times the carts needed to be reversed out of areas around the greens due to the remote GPS tracking systems installed on the golf carts. The day was very enjoyable and we could not ask for the weather to be nicer, check out the photo below to see the terrible weather we had to encounter (for those that can’t tell – I am being sarcastic)

At the conclusion to the round of golf, it was back to the clubhouse for a couple of drinks then the trainee shootout took place. The shot was being played from right outside on the clubhouse lawn and down to the 18th green a distance of 115m. More than 60 golf balls were fired at the pin for the chance at the $1000 prize money and I can tell you the author of this story has never been more nervous in hitting a wedge shot in his life and was thankful to land the ball on the green. Unfortunately, it was not as close as the winner from Victoria who landed 90cm from the hole to collect the cash and our trainee captain (Alex Pitty) was very entertaining with his introduction of the players to the watching gallery.
After the shootout, it was upstairs for dinner where there was a great buffet to select from (some people made more than one trip to the buffet bar who shall remain nameless) and presentation for the winners of the day. The winning score of the day was 92 points and there were assumptions made that they played off the wrong tees and handicaps, they took the best three scores instead of two or we simply forgot to add our scores up properly as we fell a little short of the winning score on the day.
After dinner – that concluded what was a great day and night and I would personally like to thank Garry, Janette and Linda for making the trip out to Riverside Oaks to join me last Sunday.
Unfortunately – I made too many birdies in the pro-am event (not enough for us to win the teams event mind you) and failed to make enough during the actual tournament and missed the cut by four shots.
My next trainee event being played is at HURSTVILLE GOLF COURSE on Monday 14th September and spectators are most welcome – tee times will be published closer to the day so if you wanted to wonder around for the day, it would be great to see you out there !!!!!!

The return of the Hurstville Junior Open now back on the Jack Newton Junior Golf calendar on Sunday 27th September was a great success. In total we had 35 juniors competing.

Many clubs were represented some as far away as Windsor and Northbridge, handicaps from as low as +1 up to 36. As you can see by the results, the weather was great, the scoring was HOT, with half the field shooting to their handicap. A testament to the excellent playing surfaces set up by our Head Superintendent Barry (Bazza) Sullivan and his team, which was acknowledged by the Scratch Open winner Jason Hong at the presentation.

I would personally like to thank the following people/companies who made this event possible. Firstly Hurstville Golf Club donating the major prizes, Srixon Golf, Calllaway Golf, Nike Golf, Redback Sports, Peter Allam (HGC) and especially to our local butcher Matt Ringrose of LUGARNO MEATS who donated the sausages for the BBQ which were very tasty and appreciated by all. Next time you’re shopping for meat in Lugarno do yourself a favour, drop in and try some and say G’day to Matt !!

Our local hopes played very well as shown by the results below. In the 9 Hole comp Shashank starred again with a stellar 41, catching up to him was Clayton on 50!! And Kayla shooting 69 in the girls winning close one by 3 from Jesslyn. In the 18 Holes Jasmine Driscoll starred and came oh so close to taking the Junior Open Nett Prize missing out by only one shot!!! Well done Guys!!!
9 Hole Junior Open – 12 Juniors competed
Boys Winner – Shashank Koirala –41 Runner Up – Clayton Balding 50 3rd – Damien Chan 54
Girls Winner – Kayla Fergusson – 69- Runner Up Jesslyn Chan 72
18 Holes Junior Open – 23 Juniors competed
Jason Hong – Concord (+1) 73 nett 73 – Open Scratch Winner
Jack Walden – Windsor (7) 74 nett 67 –Scratch Runner Up
Benny Xu – Bardwell Valley (33) 99 nett 66 – Open Nett Winner
Annika Rathbone – Bankstown (18) 85 nett 67 – Girls Scratch Winner
Jasmine Driscoll – Hurstville (26) 93 nett 67 Girls Runner Up
Zach Senter – Hurstville (15) 83 nett 68 14 & Under Nett Winner
Leo Soldo – Hurstville (6) 76 nett 70 – 14 & Under Scratch Winner

Pic – some of our winners with Hurstville Assistant Professional Paul Skinner

Compared to the major renovations of 2013, work on the 17th green has been seamlessly fast. The same MacKenzie Bent grass that was used on the 13th and 14th greens has now been laid. Now it’s just a waiting game, whilst the new grass takes it’s time to knit and settle. Barry will be keeping it well hydrated and will start the process a gradually cutting the green a little lower each time before he hits it with the roller. The green which is much larger than the old 17th is elevated and has a few gentle swales to challenge the golfer once on the putting surface. The hole will be approximately 8m longer to the centre of the green, but with the elevation will play a lot longer than that. The green will most likely be opened on the 27th November for the Hurstville Seniors Pro-Am. The next debate once the hole is in play will be whether the paper bark trees should stay or go??? Below are some photos of the new green being constructed and how it looks with grass just laid.

On Friday 25th September we held a Callaway Fitting Day on the first tee for members that were looking to upgrade their golf clubs and in doing so improve their golf games. A big thanks must go to our old Assistant Professional Daniel Marsh who now works for Callaway as a Fitting and Sales Representative. Daniel set up an impressive tent full of every Callaway Golf Club you could imagine and used his Trackman monitor to receive loads of feedback to determine what specifications were best suited to the individual. Those members that participated in the fitting day were giving some tips and by Head Professional Stewart Hardiman and offered fantastic prices on their new sets which included a Free hybrid. For anyone interested in purchasing a new set of Callaway golf clubs, please contact Stewart as we will endeavour to host another fitting day before the end of the year.

From observing various players and learning their methods on various tours, it has become clear that short game techniques have evolved and improved.

What may surprise you is that top players often duff shots but when they do they usually get the ball inside 6ft. This is proof that a good technique works and improving your golf is about damage control.

Statistically an average golfer shoots around 92 and only hits 4 – 6 greens in regulation. Again proof that an improved short game can easily save you 5-6 shots per round. This could mean taking 5 shots off your handicap!!??

How can we improve our short game?

– Consistently hitting the back of the ball on the downswing and brushing the turf after impact.

– To get a more shallow and repeatable swing path and effectively use your body more to allow the club to swing through the ball.

– Not allowing the bottom hand to overtake the top hand at impact.(floppy wrists)

To get consistent ball contact, your left side and belly must turn and rotate to the left to lead the left arm into impact.

To promote this feeling use a 6 iron and stick the butt of the grip into your belly (no issue for me!!) and hang your arms fully down the shaft (think Y formation) drop the club head to approx knee height. This will help you feel connection and link your arms, shoulders and hips.

With this locked in and keeping a steady head, rotate your belly button to the left in a circular motion so your belly button faces just past your left knee.

Make sure the hips and belly lead the arms and you will notice that the heel of the clubface leading the toe.
(A perfect motion for hitting the back of the ball!!)

After practice grip an 8 iron full length and hit some 15-20 metre chips.

With continued practice you should now start to achieve a more shallow swing path through the ball and get better contact with more repeatable results.

You will also notice than even if you hit the ground before the ball the club will skip through more and you’re not so good chips will end up closer to the hole. That’s Damage Control!!

Good Luck

49 players were in the field that participated in the Trainee Professional match at Hurstville Golf Course on 14th September. The weather presented a nice day and for the first time in a long time sunscreen to be applied prior to starting the round and the course was in good condition.

The winning score of the day was shot by B.J. Taylor, from Port Kembla Golf Club, who had an excellent round of 65 (five under par). Our own resident trainee professional, with Course Superintendent Barry Sullivan on the bag as caddy, completed his round in one over par that gave him a tie for 8th position with some strong drives off some holes to present three eagle opportunities throughout his round but had a tumble with a double bogey on the 13th hole – a word to the members (that most should already know by now) is “don’t overshoot the green on thirteen” as saving par is extremely difficult from that position with a flag cut close to the back edge.

I would like to thank the spectators that came out to watch the event on the day, it was a humbling experience and I appreciate the support of the membership who came out to watch me participate. I should acknowledge my parents for coming out to see me play (as I need to ensure I stay in their will after all) and I am grateful for their ongoing support as I undertake the traineeship.

A special thank you to Barry Sullivan who was not only Course Superintendent for the day but also fulfilled the roles of Sports Psychologist and Tour Caddy for the round – Thanks Baz.

The Handiskins Tournament was a contested by 43 members this year. All participants had a chance to play a maximum of 5 rounds, with their best 3 rounds aggregated for a total score. The scoring was much lower than in previous years, probably due to better weather and course conditions. Congratulations to each of winners from our 5 qualifying rounds who are listed below. If they haven’t already, please see Stewart in the pro shop to collect your bottle of wine and Hamilton Island Golf Vouchers.

Congratulations to Gary Holt, Peter Greig, Phillimon Zongo and Derek Andrews who qualified (total points for best 3 rounds below) for the Final which was played on Saturday 10th Oct. These talented golfers competed for a share of $1200 in pro shop vouchers in a final that was full of plenty of twists. The highlight was a chip from Peter Greig on the 12th hole that was certain to go off the green until it collected the flagstick and dropped into the hole for $240. At the end of the day it was Peter’s shout for beers collecting $600 of the $1200 on offer. Phillimon collected $340, Derek $180 and Gary Holt $80.

Pictures below are of the finalists;
From Left to Right – Peter Greig, Gary Holt, Phillimon Zongo & Derek Andrews

-You can also check out your placing and more information on the Handiskins website

The Holden Scramble event was held on Friday 25th September. Once again rain threatening to postpone the event, but luckily the golfing/weather gods shined on us and all 56 competitors managed to complete their rounds without getting too wet. The scoring was a lot hotter than the day itself, with the winners Lloyd Piper, Paul White, Mark Roberts and Danny Cooper coming in with a nett score of 53.625 off a combined handicap 8.375. Their gross score of 62 was also the best scratch score of the day. For their efforts they all receive an Odyssey putter and an invitation to play in the Regional Final at Macquarie Links Golf Course. Unfortunately Danny couldn’t make the final, so a big thanks must go to Ken Moroney who did an excellent job filling in for Danny. I had the pleasure of joining them as their professional and we had a very enjoyable day. Unfortunately our approach shots on the day were finishing too far from the hole, (my fault) and if you’ve ever played Macquarie Links before, you’ll know it’s extremely difficult to hole long putts on their large undulating greens. Everyone hit their fair share of good shots, but the stars didn’t align for us and the only prize we would have gone close to winning was the Bradmans. On a brighter note, Paul managed to take full advantage of the buffet lunch (see photo below) and was quiet chuffed with his efforts. I don’t think he would have needed another meal for a few days….lol.

Below are the top 3 groups for our local event and their nett scores and prize they won;
1. Team Piper – nett 53.625 (Odyssey White Hot Putter each)
2. Team Wallace – Johnny Wallace, Graham Boulton, Garry Williams & Barry Bray – nett 54.875 (Callaway umbrella each)
3. Team Zongo – Phillimon Zongo, James Borthwick, John Belshaw and George Nohokau – nett 56.375 (Callaway Cap each)
Pics below from left to right – Lloyd Piper, Stewart Hardiman & Paul White and Paul taking full advantage of the buffet lunch at the Regional Final