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Our two lucky players that have won their free round of golf for this edition of the newsletter and their reason to justify winning:

August – Joe Trenear – I love golf
September – Mary-Anne Payn – need the practice

Congratulations on your prize of a free round of golf that can be redeemed outside club competition times – please call into the pro-shop to see Stewart and the team to arrange your free game.

Welcome to the August edition of the BlueFit Golf Newsletter.

In this month we are getting a new 17th Green plus the usual NRL Tipping Comp Update, Upcoming Events including Handiskins & Holden Scramble, Golf Tips, Pro Shop Specials and we are giving away two free rounds of golf (for June & July).

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Golf Lessons

Your Journey to Better Golf Month

Are you looking to improve at golf and get the most from your game and ability?

What’s your Goal?.. Win a Club Championship? .. Shoot Lower Scores?.. Enjoy golf more?..

There are many components to the game of golf that can make you a more complete player, however the best area to start work on improving your golf is the short game.

Until the end of September your golf professionals at Hurstville Golf Course are offering a special short game package to get you started on the right path.

4 x half hour clinics covering – Putting, Chipping, Bunkers and Pitching.

Topics covered include: correct club selection, trouble shots, green reading, and mental approach.

Cost $ 180 (save $60)

Don’t forget members, you can use your prize money from competitions to pay for lessons. A very wise investment in your game especially when you win more prize money!!!!


Golf Tip

Golf Tip

Stewart Hardiman Head Professional


Pre-Shot Routine

All golfers should have a pre-shot routine because it improves your ability to complete the task at hand — the upcoming golf shot.

What is a pre-shot routine and what is it good for? A pre-shot routine is a consistent and systematic procedure (a sequence of thoughts, checkpoints, movements or details) that is executed by a golfer prior to hitting a golf shot.

Why have a pre-shot routine? Because executing a pre-shot routine requires the focus of conscious attention on relevant tasks, thereby eliminating or at least reducing any extra time to attend to irrelevant or unwanted things (negative thoughts).

You’ll notice that when you watch the pros on TV each pro has certain mannerisms that they go through before each shot, and typically they perform these mannerisms identically for each shot. Their routine will also change slightly depending on the type of shot, but the length of time they take to complete the routine won’t differ.

What are the components of a pre-shot routine? Though there is a lot of variation between players and styles, it is safe to say that the pre-shot routine for each player covers the details that are important to that player. Placement of the hands on the club, body alignment, placement of the club on the target line, shot visualization, a certain number of waggles or a certain number of looks to the target are a few of the possibilities that a player might include in their pre-shot routine. Some players may consider their pre-shot routine to begin when they select a club from their bag. Others may consider the pre-shot routine to start when they approach the ball.

My own experience is that developing a pre-shot routine helped me to improve as a tournament player. It especially helped me with first tee nerves when participating in big tournaments and in finishing a round off when I was in playing well. It helped me to stay focused on the process of hitting a good shot and stopped me from worrying about the result.

How can you develop your own pre-shot routine? Your own personal pre-shot routine should fit your style and rhythm as a player. If you are fast with everything you do off the golf course, then a quicker routine will suit you. If you are methodical and deliberate with most things, you may want to take a little more time with your routine.

Developing your pre-shot routine will take some careful thought and some conscious and deliberate practice. Start on the range or practice greens before using it out on the course. Once it is part of your game you’ll probably notice improvement in your consistency and scores.


There has been a lot of changes since our last update. The Dragons haven’t had a win after I gave them a huge wrap to completely jinx them. They have toppled down the ladder from 1st place to 6th and look like they will miss the finals with a tough run home. The Sharkies have notched up a few more wins and knocking on the door of the top 8 in 9th position. Even the Sea Eagles have come off the bottom of the NRL ladder to still be a slim chance of making the top 8. As for the tipping, Ruatoki has finally sucome to the pressure of leading from Round 1 and has slipped down to 3rd position. Wavefan is our new leader on 79 points at the completion of Round 18. He has a 3 point buffer over New Bunnies in 2nd position. Sitting in 4th position and leading the battle of the pro shop staff is Paul (Ernie Eels) by 1 point over Craig (Trainee Sharkie). There are 8 rounds left and we have 8 tippers with 10 points of the leader, so it’s still too early to call at this stage.


The Handiskins Tournament starts this month with the first Round being held on Saturday 29th August. It’s a great tournament that is run in conjunction with the comp of the day. Entry fee is $35 (equates to $7 per round) which is separate to your daily comp fee and all participants receive a bonus gift pack with lots of goodies including golf balls. If you haven’t played in this tournament before, make sure you don’t miss out again. You could be 1 of 4 club members that play for $1200 in the club final to spend in the pro shop. You might also qualify for the National Final at Hamilton Island Golf Club. Please see qualifying dates and rules below. Also check out the Handiskins website for more info at www.handiskins.com.au

– Saturday 29th August

– Saturday 5th September

– Saturday 12th September

– Saturday 19th September

– Saturday 26th September                               –

– Saturday 10th October (CLUB FINAL)

(dates may change due to wash outs)


Qualifying Rounds

  1. There are five qualifying rounds.
  2. All players must compete in a minimum of three out of five qualifying rounds to be eligible to compete in the final.
  3. Qualifying rounds will be played as normal club stableford competitions (if the club event is different, scores will be converted by pro shop staff)
  4. The best three (3) out of five (5) rounds aggregated will determine the four (4) qualifiers for the final. Therefore it may not be necessary to play in all five (5) rounds to qualify.
  5. Ladies will play the qualifying rounds off the ladies tees and the ladies stableford index.
  6. In the event of a tie for 4th position the highest individual score of each tied player’s three (3) best rounds will fill 4th spot. If still deadlocked the next highest round will determine the 4th finalist.
Example: Player “A” has rounds of 36, 37, 42, 32, 36 therefore best 3 = 115pts
Player “B” has rounds of 31, 36, 36, 43 therefore best 3 = 115pts. Player “B” qualifies 4th finalist with the highest individual score of 43 points.
  1. If the tie is still deadlocked the standard count back rule is applied to the highest scored round until an outright finalist is decided.
  2. In the event of one or more qualifiers not being able to play in the final the next best score will take their place.

The Final

  1. The final will be played over 18 holes using the match play index. Should a lady be in the final she will play off the ladies tees, the ladies par but off the men’s match play index.
  2. 2. The lowest handicap will play off scratch and each other finalist will play from a reduced handicap.
Example – Player “A” handicap 5 goes to scratchPlayer “B” handicap 12 goes to 7

Player “C” handicap 19 goes to 14

Player “D” handicap 23 goes to 18

  1. Each hole will be played on the basis of “2 square all square” with the prize value of any hole not won outright jackpotting to the next hole.
  2. The two nearest to the pin hole prizes will not be won unless one of the finalists is on the putting surface (the green) from their tee shot. In the event of more than one finalist being on the green it is the finalist that is closest to the pin that wins the prize.
  3. In the event that the final hole is not won or that a nearest to the pin has not been won (example- there are prize vouchers not won at the conclusion of play) then such prize vouchers will be split between the four finalists.

The Holden Scramble event will be held on Friday 25th September. It’s the only 4 person team ambrose game for the year and it’s great fun to participate in. Unlike most competition rounds were you need to play well all day to come up trumps, his event is more about team work and combining well. If you haven’t played in this event before, make sure you don’t miss out this year. Start organising a team of 4 members now, or talk to the pro shop staff about joining a team. Below is a brief summary of the rules.


The Holden Scramble is a four-person, elimination format Ambrose

  • All team members tee off each hole
  • Team chooses the shot they are going to use
  • The golfer whose shot is taken is eliminated from participating in the next shot
  • A player is only eliminated for the one shot following his/her selected shot
  • This process continues up until the ball is on the putting green, and then all four players have the opportunity to sink the putt.
  • All four players tee off the next hole and the elimination process begins again, until ball is placed on the putting green
  • Each team member’s tee shot must be used at least three (3) times per round
  • The eliminated player cannot take a practice shot during the time they are eliminated

It is hard to believe that more than half of 2015 has come and gone and the downhill run to end of the year will approach even faster.

I would firstly like to thank the members who were generous enough to purchase raffle tickets from me here in the pro-shop over the last few weeks to assist with my state championships next month starting on Sunday 16th August with a trainee pro-am event at Riverside Oaks where three Hurstville Golf Club members are going to join me for a round with a buffet lunch before golf and smorgasbord dinner after the game so definitely looking forward to that !!!!!!!

Upcoming trainee events on the calendar are listed below:

3rd August             – Shelley Beach Golf Club

16th August          – NSW/ACT Trainee State Championships At Riverside Oaks

14th September                  – Hurstville Golf Course (Spectators Are Welcome So Feel Free To Come On Down)

Late September                 – Participating In Several Pro-Ams in the Newcastle Region

The playing aspect of my traineeship is in a better place this year than where it was last year and I have until the end of October to pass this requirement so I am hoping to pass with flying colours.

I shall keep you updated of progress in future newsletters as the year progresses.


Trainee Professional

Hurstville Golf Course

Our two lucky players that have won their free round of golf for this edition of the newsletter:

Sam Stillitano (I love the course)

Jack Nassis (I am 14 years old and played Hurstville for the first time. I shot 5 over and beat my dad and uncle even though they said I never would)

Congratulations on your prize of a free round of golf that can be redeemed outside club competition times – please call into the pro-shop to see Stewart and the team to arrange your free game.




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Offer valid until 31/8/15 or until stocks last.


We are hosting a Callaway fitting day on Friday 18th September 2015.

If you are seriously considering upgrading your clubs, this is your opportunity to get yourself fit for your next set.  See Pro Shop staff for fitting times.

NEW Odyssey Putters – in store – Played by the world’s best – The putter is the most important club in your bag… Why not upgrade to a new model and sink more putts!!

Hot August Grip Deals

In our last newsletter Stewart discussed the importance of your grip. This is very true, however your grip on the club can be improved further if your grips are in good condition.

Are they worn, shiny or splitting? It might be time for a new set of grips

Popular Golf Pride Tour Velvet Std – Were $14 ea – this month $10 ea (min buy 7 grips)

Winn Dri Tac – Were $ 17 ea – this month $12 ea (min buy 7 grips)

Putter Grips – Royal & Lamkin Grips were $12.50 – now $9 ea

On Monday 3rd August construction work began on the new 17th green. The old green always suffered from diseases over the warmer summer months, mainly due to poor drainage and lack of breeze and left no option other than too completely dig it up and start again with a blank canvas. At this stage the area has been fenced off and golfers will be playing the 17th hole to the practice green on the corner. The old green has been dug up and trees to the right side of the green have been removed (see photo below). The next task will be to prepare the site for the new green which will be pushed back and elevated into the hill. The new green will be slightly larger with two tiers and will be laid with the same McKenzie turf that was used on the new 13th and 14th greens. Once completed, the green and surrounds will need some time to establish, but hopefully golfers won’t have to wait too long to try out the new hole.

Welcome to the June edition of the BlueFit Golf Newsletter.

In this month’s edition there is a wrap up of the Tassie Trip to Barnbougle Dunes & Lost Farm golf courses, the usual NRL Tipping Comp Update, Upcoming Events including Handiskins & Holden Scramble, Golf Tips to help improve your grip, Pro Shop Specials and we are giving away two free rounds of golf (for April & May).

Enjoy the read and don’t forget to like our Facebook page ‘Hurstville Golf Course’ so you don’t miss any pro tips, promos or events.

By Head Professional Stewart Hardiman

Day 1 – Barnbougle Dunes

Untitled design (63)Sunday 17th May, fifteen excited golfers boarded Jetstar flights bound for Launceston, Tasmania. The majority of us woke to early alarms so we could be at Sydney airport by 6am for a 7am flight and arrive in time to play 3 rounds at this golfing wonderland. After arriving at Launceston and some handy packing we managed to fit ten golfers and luggage on a 12 seater bus. I was designated bus driver and my co-pilot was Hurstville Golf staff member Guy Nardo.

After asking all passengers on board to cross their fingers and toes, we set off on the road to Barnbougle Dunes. The trip took 1hr 15mins with only one missed turn, plenty of laughs and jokes mainly about the temperature changes in the bus. A quick diversion to the town of Bridport, where we stocked up on supplies and completely emptied the local bakery of pies, sausage rolls and every sweet they had in store. It was all good and with satisfied bellies we were off to Barnbougle Dunes.

After a speedy check in everyone headed to the first tee with much anticipation to play Barbougle Dunes Golf Course (ranked 9th in the world US Golf Digest 2014).

The day was overcast with a half to one club breeze. It was around 15 degrees but may have felt a bit cooler to some. Those who were feeling the cold had an opportunity to warm up whilst christening the tour with a pre round shot of butterscotch snaps. The honour of 1st drive went to Guy Nardo who spilt the fairway with a cracking drive. Plenty of good drives followed from the first tees.

Each hole at The Dunes had 4 different tees (black, terracotta, blue & white) and handicaps determined which tees we played off. Today was a practice round for the Barney Rubble Tournament so there was no pressure, just lots of fun, photos and praise of the golf course.

The tee shots were fairly generous with wide undulating fairways on most holes and the approach shots were tricky to say the least. I played with Tim Horne and Neil Munro and played ok by my standards. I drove the ball well, but struggled to finish close to the hole with my approach shots.

Putting was ok and lots of fun using the slopes and banks to feed off. My favourite hole was a coin toss between the 4th and 17th holes. Both were tremendous holes, but the 4th could be played so many different ways, so I might give it my Number 1 ranking.

Tim spent a little bit of time in the wilderness looking for his ball and the odd wallaby, but was showing good touch around the green with his putting especially. Neil was straight down the middle all day, but found the greens difficult. I was a major contributor to his putting woes as I gave every group a rubber snake at the start of the round.

Last person every hole to 3 or sometimes 4 putt received ownership of the snake. Apart from the snake, everyone enjoyed the round and most of the post round talk was about the greens and challenges faced when chipping and putting. After the round we headed off to The Sports Bar at Lost Farm for a few beverages and to watch the A-League Final which was the only disappointment of the day and we bumped into Australian golfing legend Jack Newton who was also in Tasmania coordinating his annual charity event.

Later in the evening we were joined by the other members of the tour for dinner at The Dunes restaurant. The food and company was great and there were lots of stories told.

(Photo: view of 15th green from 16th tee Barnbougle Dunes.)

Day 2 – Lost Farm

Untitled design (64)Most enjoyed a hot breakfast at the clubhouse and then it was off to Lost Farm Golf Course (ranked 23rd in the world US Golf Digest 2014), which is about a 4km or 5 minute drive down the road.

The day looked promising with clear blue skies and a forecast of 17 degrees. Before we teed off we had a drink in memory of one of Hurstville Golf Clubs favourite characters Ian “Perro” Perriman who sadly passed away after a long battle with illness.

Once again Guy commenced proceedings with another cracking drive down the Par 5 first. The Barney Rubble Tournament had officially started. I played with Frank Nardo, Jeff Fairbairn and Steve Armitage.

None of us played too flash, but we had a great day out. Frank and I had a rough day on the greens and Jeff and Steve had some good holes in a round of ups and downs. There were some breath taking holes and views and for mine the best hole of the day was the Par 4 fourth. Some holes were still covered with sand from the +65 mph winds from a week earlier. Glad we weren’t down to play in those conditions.

The round took a little longer as the course has 20 holes. It was the first time I’ve played a course with more than 18 holes and I’ve played a lot of courses in my time.

There was some fun watching the groups finish from the clubhouse to see who would finish up with the snake in each group. Unfortunately I three putted the last hole to take the snake off Frank who had his fair share of it throughout the day.

After the round it was back to our rooms for a hot shower, followed by the play-off of the days snake winners/losers.

Finalists were Tim, Neil, Roland and myself. Roland took out the title of King Snake although he did hole a monster putt during the competition.

We headed into Bridport for dinner at one of the local pubs, a few games of pool and then back to the rooms for an early night.

(Photo: Jeff Fairbairn & Stephen Armitage on 15th hole Lost Farm.)

Day 3 – Barnbougle Dunes

The final day of the tour and back to Barnbougle Dunes for Round 2 of the Barney Rubble Classic and to decide which course was everyone’s favourite.

Showers were forecast after lunch so I moved our tee times forward and that proved to be a good call. The morning was a little foggy early, but by the time we teed off the fog had lifted and the sun was peeping through the clouds. Another beautiful day was ready to be had at this fantastic course.

Tournament leader going into the final round was John Belshaw who I had the pleasure of playing alongside. Other notables making up our group were Janette Lisle and Maureen Morgan.

John got away to a good start but then stumbled mid round. Janette and Maureen were consistent for most of the day. Janette was showing great touch around the greens chipping brilliantly off the tight surrounds and putting nicely. Maureen was hitting beautiful drives and putting well too.

Towards the end of the round John rediscovered his game from Day 1 and made a few late pars to finish on a positive note. After putting out on the 18th hole we stood around the green with the first group and watched the last group finish.

Craig hit another good drive as he had been doing every day and then hit the green with a nice approach shot, but was left with a difficult putt. Frank hit a miraculous pitch from well left of the green, only to follow it up with a dodgy putt. Jeff hit a wonderful chip to inside 4 feet and Tim was safely on the green and 2 putted nicely.

After the last putt was holed, we felt the first drop of rain in 3 days as we headed to the clubhouse, then the heavy stuff came down. To say we were lucky would be an understatement.

Lunch was followed by a presentation. The winner of the inaugural Barney Rubble Classic was John Belshaw and the runner up was Tim Horne.

Other prizes included Day 1 winner Brett Dillon & runner/up Maureen Morgan, Day 2 winner Janette Lisle & runner/up Jeff Fairbairn. There were also Bradman prizes which we won’t mention names and NTP’s on every hole.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. We packed the bus and headed back to Launceston airport again with fingers and toes crossed. Luckily we arrived safely in Launceston apart from a minor altercation with a barrier at a service station. Janette claimed to break a finger nail in the incident, but I don’t believe her.

We all arrived safely back in Sydney thanks to Jetstar. Lots of goodbye hugs and kisses, then everyone headed home with their clubs and some wonderful memories.

The trip was a huge success, with everyone enjoying themselves thoroughly.

In a nutshell, both courses were world class and extremely fun to play. The accommodation was comfortable, ideally located and had good showers. The staff were very hospitable and the food was great.

But most importantly all the golfers who came away were fantastic. I feel very lucky to have had the privilege to take them all away for a memorable 3 days and look forward to doing it again in the future.

Finally, I would like to say a special thanks to Hurstville trainee professional Craig who helped both on and off the course, Guy for his navigation skills to and from the course, Paul and Jake for running Hurstville Pro Shop whilst both Craig and I were away. Thanks heaps guys.

(Photo:  Inaugural Barney Rubble Tournament Winner John Belshaw.)

Take a look at the highlights of the tour in this short video.

We are approaching the halfway mark of the NRL season and The Mighty St George Illawarra Dragons are on top of the ladder.

They are equal with the Broncos and Cowboys but have a better for and against. It’s been an up and down season so far. Six times in the opening 12 rounds the team coming last has beaten higher ranked teams.

The majority of teams are struggling to find consistency which is proving a nightmare for tipsters in the BlueFit Tipping Comp. Ruatoki is showing the most consistent form of all tipsters. He is leading on 58 points followed by New Bunnies who is 3 points behind on 55. Unlike his beloved team, Trainee Sharkie is travelling nicely in 3rd position on 54 points.

The Unhappy Dragon is struggling in 5th position 9 points back. Although disappointed with his tipping form, he is elated by his team’s good form and is contemplating changing his tipping name to the “Happy Dragon”.