Have you ever dreamed of playing a round of golf on a true Links Course that’s ranked in the Top 25 courses in the world? This dream can become a reality x 2 this May. That’s right, twice. Hurstville’s Head Golf Professional Stewart Hardiman has organized a tour to Tasmania to play both Barnbougal Dunes & Lost Farm Golf Courses.The courses ranked 12th and 21st in Golf Digests World’s Top 100 Public Access Courses for 2014.

The tour departs on Sunday 17th May and returns on Tuesday 19th May 2015.

Accommodation is on site at the world class Barnbougal Dunes Resort. The cost for the tour is $495 (excluding airfares).

For further information and registration forms please contact Stewart at golf@bluefit.com.au

BlueFit Golf is once again hosting a NRL Tipping Competition in 2015. Hopefully this year we will see another close ladder. The competition will be run through Oz Tips and the entry fee will be $20 per tipster. Please see registration and payment information below:

  • Website – http://au.oztips.yahoo.com
  • Comp Name – Hurstville Golf
  • Comp Number – 307140
  • Comp Password – bluefit
  • Payment of $20 – due before start of Round 1 to pro shop

Hurstville Golf Course has some great specials this month and some fantastic new products. We currently have a Men’s & Ladies Shoe Sale with some shoes reduced by up 70%. Golf Bags are also on sale with some up to 40% off.

On Tuesday 3rd February 2015 we hosted a Demo Day for Golf Pride Grips. The day was a big hit with the members who were fortunate to receive a free grip whilst checking out the full range of Golf Pride Grips on the market. Golf Pride grips are the # 1 Grip on Tour and big thanks to Mark Taber from Golf Imports for running the day from our 1st tee.

All golfers should keep in mind that they should re grip their clubs once a year or every 40 rounds. Ozone, heat, dirt and oils are constantly at work breaking down the materials that make up your grips.

Remember, please support you local pro shop. If we don’t have what you need, we will do our best to get it in for you at a great price!!

Did you make a New Year Golfing Resolution?

  • Brush up on your basics?
  • Improve your Golf?
  • How are your grips, spikes or your glove? (worn out?)
  • Do your clubs suit your game and its demands?
  • Are you still using a 2, 3 or 4 iron (Hybrid vs Long Iron)?
  • Do you have a $99 Bargain Bag Driver that is a 9 degree Stiff Flex…and you can’t hit it !!?? (You may want to consider a suitable driver loft and flex).

The world’s best players use the start of each year to check that their pre swing fundamentals are in order. Even the best players can get into bad habits with their grip or alignment!

Why not you?

The start of each year is a good time to review your game and think about ways to improve your golf and get the most out of yourself while also lowering your handicap. We recommend the following routine.

Pre Shot Routine – G.A.S.B.P

Grip Aim Stance Ball Position Posture

Q – Are you gripping the the club correctly?

A – Firm but light grip pressure in the fingers (not palm).

Q – Are you aiming correctly?

A – Aim club head at an intermediate object in line with your target. (a leaf, divot etc) – Shoulders and Feet aiming parallel left of target.

Q – Is your stance the correct width?

A – Depending on club – Shoulder width for irons and pitching; Just outside shoulders for woods; Feet inside shoulder width for Chipping … think Rolf Harris (Jeg the Peg) with the extra leg !

Q – Is your ball position correct according to your club choice?

A – Inside left heel for driver – Halfway between middle of stance for fairway’s and long/mid irons –Centre stance for all short irons and wedges.

Q – How is your posture?

A – Stand tall with bottom out – belly button in – and slight tilt forwards from hips – arms hanging from shoulders.

Using the tips above as part of your pre-shot routine will help get you started correctly and keep you on track to reach your goals and gain consistency.

Have you considered a lesson? Have Putting or Chipping Yips? Can’t get out of bunkers?

Why not use your well earned prize money here for lessons!

Pace of play – A good game is a fast game

The most common complaint we receive in the pro shop is from players who are frustrated with the golfers playing too slow in groups ahead.

The following points will assist all golfers to complete their round in the appropriate time and stay in touch with the group in front without significant delays:

  • Arrive at the Pro Shop at least 30 minutes before your tee time
  • Be at the 1st tee ready to hit at least 5 minutes before your time
  • Hit as soon as it is safe to do so (shortest hitter first)
  • Leave the tee as soon as the last player in group has hit
  • Walk briskly to your ball
  • Always be ready to hit when it’s your turn
  • Watch flight of ball carefully and mark ball location with identifiable object on course
  • Pick up ball when out of shots on a hole
  • Play a provisional ball immediately if in doubt as to whether or not your ball is lost
  • Don’t leave your buggy at the entrance to the green, place it near the exit to the next tee
  • On the green think about your line of putt while awaiting your turn
  • Do not practise chipping or putting after completing any hole
  • After putting out each player should proceed to the next tee and hit if you have lost ground on the group in front
  • Mark your card on the next tee while others are hitting off
  • Ignore the honour (hit when ready and/or shortest hitter first when it’s safe).

This month’s winners of the Free Round of Golf competition are Mark Lucas and Paul Witts. Mark, who is a member of Hurstville Golf Club thought his handicap needed to be looked at and thinks he needs all the golf he can get. Paul is a social player who is hoping to improve his game. Congratulations to both gentlemen who can email Stewart golf@bluefit.com.au to claim their free round.

Please make sure you continue to enter the competition each time you play a round. Although the entry forms aren’t currently attached to the scorecards, they are on the front counter to take when paying for your next round.

This special Christmas Edition newsletter is a must read for all golfers. There are lots of pro shop specials, tips, junior news, information on the latest golf clubs and balls.

2014 has been a year to remember at Hurstville Golf Course. The highlight was the Mayoral Golf Day which was the official Grand Opening of the new Par 70 layout on Friday 4th April. It was a great day of golf and the new holes presented beautifully considering the fairways and greens were less than 3 months old.

On Saturday 5th April the members of Hurstville Golf Club had their chance to test out the new course. It was a one of the biggest Saturday comp days in the history of the club with 139 players teeing it up in perfect conditions. Adapting to the longer course proved difficult for most with only 14 players beating their handicap on the day. The feedback was positive from all the members.

On Sunday 6th April BlueFit Golf hosted an Open Golf Day. A special invitation was placed in the St George & Sutherland Leader and the first 100 people to register for a game in the afternoon received a free round of golf and a cart. Unfortunately the heavens opened up after 9 holes and only a handful of super keen golfers completed their round.

The Club Championships were held in August and September. Once again we had a good turn out to contest all grades. Congratulations to the following Championship winners

Scratch Winners
Women – Priscila Keogh
A Grade – Henry Jedrzejczyk
B Grade – Peter Mills
C Grade – John Belshaw

Nett Winners
Women – Laura Marquinez
A Grade – Anthony Pantano
B Grade – Peter Mills
C Grade – Rowan Hooper

Once again we hosted the Holden Scramble and Handiskins Tournaments. Both events were enjoyed thoroughly by all competitors, but our numbers were slightly down on previous years. Hopefully 2015 will see record participants for both of these fantastic events.

In November we hosted the ‘Legends Pro-Am’ which attracted 50 of Australia’s top Senior Golf Professionals who played alongside sponsors, members of HGC and guests. Apart from the day being extremely hot, causing a few golfers to retire with heat stroke, the event was a huge success. Congratulations must go to Michael Harwood (Laughing Timber) for shooting a spectacular course record of 66 (4 under par).

To finish the year off Hurstville Golf Club hosted 2 Christmas Hams Days for the regular Tuesday and Saturday competition players. Both days were lots of fun and thanks must go to the HGC committee and the Lugarno Lions for all their effort organising the days and their help throughout the year and on these special days.

In closing I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the members and guests of Hurstville Golf Course for their patronage throughout the year. Also a special thanks my team of pro shop staff for their dedicated service to all our members and guests throughout the year and to Barry and his crew for their constant effort to maintain and improve the golf course. On behalf of BlueFit I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Golf Bags, Package Sets, Clothing and Shoes must go!!

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What’s New!!

  • Don’t go Loco! – Grab a Dunlop Loco Driver for only $49.95
  • Walkinshaw Golf Bags – were $229 – now $199 ($179 after members discount).
  • Walkinshaw Ladies Swivel Buggies $299 less members discount.
  • 360 degrees rotating make this lightweight buggy very easy to manoeuvre!!
  • Check out our great range of Ladies and Men’s Footjoy shoes.

Come in and get fitted for the No.1 shoe in golf for performance and comfort!!

Do you want to find out what golf ball suits your game? Bridgestone Golf has a great online tool that helps you with this. Visit bridgestonegolf.com and get the most out of your ball. Once on the website click on the Ball Fitting tab – online guide – Option 1.

We also stock Bridgestone golf balls in the pro shop, so once you have found the right ball for your game, come down and see your local pro for the right ball at the right price!

Congratulations to our Encourage Shield Team who performed very well considering the young age of some of our players. Of the 6 teams in our division we were second by only half a point!! Special mention to Jasmine Driscoll at just 10 years of age was undefeated in her matches!! Well Done Team!!

The Hurstville Junior Championships were played on 14 & 15/12/14. At the end of 36 holes Ryan Johnson & Zac Senter were tied after shooting identical rounds of 84 & 93. Congratulations to Zac Senter who won on the first playoff hole. Much better effort than Scotty at the Australian PGA Champs boys!!!!

Our BlueFit Junior Xmas Party was a great day to celebrate our junior’s efforts in 2014. This event saw our Encourage Shield Team join our BlueFit Juniors and was a great way for our ‘Young Guns’ to get some experience with more experienced players!!

Why not get your child or grandchild into golf? Why not get them to join our BlueFit program which is designed for boys & girls from aged 5 to 14. (No experience necessary). A free trial is available.

Ask us for more details and a flyer.

How Good Is Your Aim ???

In the original Star Wars movie trilogy, Obi-Wan Kenobi (a Jedi Master) was training his young apprentice Luke Skywalker in how to control his mind using The Force (which is what we can relate to as golfers as being “In The Zone” during a round).

A Jedi Master uses a lightsaber as his weapon in battle to defeat the enemy and they become very skilled in the use of it through dedicated practice.

One of Obi-Wan’s teachings to Luke was to say that “Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them” and he had his apprentice complete some lightsaber training with a helmet that covered his field of vision.

We can also apply this principle to our own golf game as we try to step into “The Zone” on course where everything happens automatically without conscious thought and the golf ball is sent to our target at will and with very little effort.

To help improve our aim for the golf shot we are about to hit, stand behind the ball and pick a distinct target in the distance (it can be either the flag, a bunker, a tree branch just something that is easy to distinguish from the rest of the background) and then step up to the ball and take your address position as if you are about to play your shot.

While in your address position, close your eyes and take your top hand off the golf club and keeping your eyes closed, raise your arm to point down the fairway (using your index finger) to where you think the target is that you are aiming at.

When you feel that your arm is pointing at your target, open your eyes and slowly turn your head to face the target and see where you are actually pointing (making sure that you arm does not move).

More often than not, your finger will be pointing either left or right of the target and this is where your subconscious mind is actually going to start to send the ball toward after you hit it.

With regular practice of this technique, we can actually improve our aim using our subconscious mind to execute a golf shot and become more pleasantly surprised as more golf balls start to head toward the actual target that we selected standing behind the ball prior to taking our address position.

It’s nearly 6 months since the Grand Re-Opening and the golf course has been handling the heavy volume of traffic nicely. At this stage there is no resolution with the 14th hole. It will continue to be played as a Par 3, except on Saturdays where it is played as a Par 4 for the competition field only. Much to the disappointment of our fair weather golfers the dry winter came to an end towards the end of August. The cold winds and rain reduced playing numbers considerably; however it did bring some welcome relief to our dry rough areas which will benefit golfers that spray their drives into the trees. The fairways are looking great and will only get better as we move deeper into Spring and the greens are nice and fast thanks to Barry’s efforts on the roller. There’s no better time than now to come down and play the course whilst it’s in great condition.


Ice Bucket Challenge

Unfortunately there has been a lot of cold, wet and windy Tuesday’s of late, which has reduced comp fields considerably. Some of our members brave enough to play the first Tuesday in September witnessed some post game entertainment when Head Professional Stewart Hardiman accepted ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’ from visiting Hong Kong Professional Paul Riley. Those that missed the moment of madness when Stewart screamed like a girl, feel free to watch the video link. For the record Stewart nominated assistant professional Paul Skinner for the challenge, so you should see him drenched by a bucket of ice water in the near future. Good luck with that Paul!


photo 4 - PGA logo

MONDAY 15th SEPTEMBER – The PGA Trainees are making their way to Hurstville for a match as a part of their traineeship program in 2014. Members are welcome to come along and witness some great shots on the day if they wish. Our own trainee Craig Cox will be playing in the event and the course superintendent (Barry Sullivan) is going to be caddying for him on the day – so at least Craig knows that he will get an excellent read for all of his putts during the round. Andrew Booth who also works in the pro shop Tuesdays and weekends will also be teeing it up along with Emily Murray who used to be our local trainee.