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2013 Christmas Hams Day

Thank you to the members that contributed to the cause of the McGrath Foundation with donations made on the 1st tee during the Saturday and Tuesday competitions with the option of Craig hitting your tee shot during play of the day.
We managed to raise a total of $346 for the two days and most members (N.B. Terry Morris – I did say MOST members) were happy with where they had to play their second shots from on the 1st hole on the day and hopefully save their handicap shots for the bisque par format played on the remaining twelve holes of the course

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(1) New Years Golfing Resolution?
 (Hit 300 balls a week at the range -)
(2) Back to basics?
(Tidying up your Fundamentals)

I will bet you that if you make a golfing resolution it will be broken!

Rather than a resolution the best way to start each New Year is to get  “Back to Basics”!!!

“Adam Scott(33), Greg Norman(58), Jack Nicklaus(73), Stacy Lewis(28) and Lydia Ko(16) all amazing golfer’s of different era’s start out each year with their coaches and peers checking that their fundamentals are up to scratch!!” They need to as it’s their livelihood and age is no barrier!!! Even Arnie Palmer (A Spritely 84) does this!!

I urge you to do this too as it’s a great way of getting feedback on the state of your game!!

How do you do this? Read on …..

The 4 main fundamentals as I see it are:

Grip, Posture, Stance and Aim (refer to prior newsletters for full details) .

Grip –
➢    Light grip pressure in fingers (especially bottom hand)
➢    Neutral Grip (2 knuckles visible)
➢    Back of top hand faces target – Back of lower hand away from target

Posture –
➢    Stand tall, bottom (bum) out. Belly button tucked in creates proper flex.
➢    Tilt from hips – feel like hands falling down from shoulders.
➢    Come in and see us and use Stew’s Gym ball and test out your posture!!!!

Stance –
➢    Short Irons and Mid Irons/Hybrids – shoulder width
➢    Fairways and Driver  – extra 3 inches.
➢    Ball Position Driver and Fairway Woods: Opposite left heel
➢    Ball Position Hybrids/ Mid irons: Between left heel and centre of stance.
➢    Ball Position Short irons: Centre of stance

Aim –
➢    Club behind ball –  intermediate target to aim in line with target
➢    Feet and Shoulders aim parallel left of your target (for right handed golfers)

Pace of play tips
The following points will assist all golfers to complete their round in the appropriate time and stay in touch with the group in front without significant delays:
•    Arrive at the Pro Shop at least 30 MINUTES before your tee time
•    Be at the 1st tee ready to hit at least 5 minutes before your time
•    Hit as soon as it is safe to do so (shortest hitter to hit first)
•    Leave the tee as soon as the last player in group has hit
•    Walk briskly to your ball
•    Always be ready to hit when it’s your turn
•    Watch flight of ball carefully and mark ball location with identifiable object on course
•    Pick up ball when out of shots on a hole
•    Play a provisional ball immediately if in doubt as to whether or not your ball is lost
•    Don’t leave your buggy at the entrance to the green, place it near the exit to the next tee
•    On the green think about your line of putt while awaiting your turn
•    Do not practise chipping or putting after completing any hole
•    The 1st two in your group to putt out should proceed to the next tee and hit if you have lost ground on the group in front
•    Mark your card on the next tee while others are hitting off
•    Ignore the honour (hit when ready and/or shortest hitter first when it’s safe)

This month’s winner of the Free Round of Golf competition is Alex Stuart. Alex is a regular player at Hurstville Golf Course and his reason for why he should win was “to have a lesson with Stuart our professional”. His winning ticket, which was drawn out by our trainee Craig was nearly disregarded due to the fact he spelt Stewart’s name incorrectly. Not all Stuart’s are spelt like your surname Alex.

This month we are running a new competition called “Spot The Ball”. The picture below is of Hurstville Head Professional Stewart Hardiman playing a bunker shot. To enter the competition all you need to do is email and tell us which grid (eg. A8) you believe the golf ball was in before Craig magically made it disappear with his photo shop skills. Limited to one entry per person, with correct selections to go into a draw for a Free bunker lesson from one of your pro shop staff members.

Sydney’s dry spell came to an end in November with storms bringing some welcomed rainfall to Hurstville Golf Course. Although the new sprinklers have been doing a great job keeping the greens, tees, and fairways green, nothing beats a good soaking from Mother Nature and that’s what we got. The rainfall instantly greened up the rough which was very dry and helped transform the golf course into a lush’s layout. Unfortunately it wasn’t all good news, as some torrential downfalls caused delays with the Course Improvements. As well as an update on the Course Improvements this month’s E-Newsletter will feature a Pro’s tip, 10 Questions with Head Superintendent Barry Sullivan, Pro Shop Specials, New Products, Rules Tip, Golf Results and Upcoming Tournaments. If you have any interesting golf news or stories please let us know so we can share it with the other readers in future editions.

As mentioned in our intro the heavy rain has delayed progress with the Course Improvement work. This was mainly due to the clay fill that has been used on the lower section on the golf course becoming slippery and making it unsafe for trucks coming in and out. Hopefully this month will see mostly sunny days and the contractors won’t have any disruptions. Some progress has still been achieved, especially on the top section of the course. The irrigation team has now completed the construction of irrigation lines on holes 2, 11, 16, 17 & 18 which will allow all golfers to play the current configuration of holes 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (Par 3), 10, 17 & 18 until the full course opens in early April 2014. Holes 2, 11 & 16 will be closed most of the time to allow some seeding around the greens to promote better grass coverage. We have been fortunate to receive some soil from Grandviews who are renovating their bowling greens. Barry and his staff have been using this soil to fill in trench lines and fill in bare patches around the fringes of some greens. These areas will be seeded and roped off, so please do you best to avoid these areas to allow the new growth to come through.



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1. Where and when did you start playing golf?
Hurstville Golf Course – 35 years ago

2. Who is your favourite golfer?
Miguel A’ngel “The Mechanic” Jimenez

3. Where and what was you lowest round of golf?
Two under par around the old course at Hurstville

4. Favourite golf course
St. Andrews

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Still superintendent at a much improved Royal Hurstville Golf Course

6. Other interests?
Boxing, Rugby League

7. Favourite food?
Steak and mash with gravy

8. Favourite Holiday destination?
Cairns (Palm Cove)

9. Favourite Rugby league team?
Brisbane Broncos

10. If you were down to your last $10 what you spend it on?
My two sons – Oscar and Billy

Alex Ilkin & Bruce Hancock represented Hurstville Golf Club in the Governor’s Legacy Golf Day at The Australian Golf Club on Tuesday 12th November. Over 60 Golf Clubs were invited from NSW to play in a stableford competition. The day started in sunshine but within 20 minutes of teeing off the rain came down and stayed with the players for the next few hours, torrential at times. Golf was followed by a hot shower and change of clothes in the wonderful members’ amenities, then lunch and presentation of prizes in the dining room of The Australian. Bruce Hancock won the 3rd Grade very a solid round and Alex featured close to the top in his grade as well. There were a number of successful fundraising activities on the day with Sydney Legacy being the beneficiary.

Legacy is a unique Australian charity organisation dedicated to the welfare of the spouses and dependant children of defence force personnel killed in war or whilst training, on peacekeeping or other hazardous missions, or who have passed away since completing their service. Legacy operates primarily from donations, bequests and funds raised through various activities from multiple organisations, with NSW Golf Clubs very active and prominent in raising such funds

Keep Calm and Carry on…

I had the pleasure of watching some of the world’s best players at the World Cup in Melbourne recently. Having watched Graham McDowell and Adam Scott at the range I saw their amazing balance from the ground to their hips and the effortless power and distance they achieve!!

Turning your hips and good footwork is a critical step to achieving power and distance and it’s important to understand that power does not come just from your shoulders arms and hands!!

To get started a good posture is required. 

Pre swing

  • bottom is stuck out (just behind your ankles) and belly button tucked in. This achieves ideal flex in knees and an athletic posture.


  • -turn shoulders and left hip to your right to  45 degrees
  •  (belly button over right knee)
  • maintain flex in right knee
  • weight is even through middle of feet.


  • right knee rotates towards left knee allowing hips to rotate to left
  • shoulders and arms follow hips to impact
  • finish swing with body facing the target and most of your weight over your left foot.

Note :  Keeping your original posture through the swing will allow you to achieve this.

Turning of the hips and good weight transfer will create more width in your swing which = more club head speed = more distance.!!

Good Golfing and Good Luck


Rule 6-3a – Time of Starting

Rule 6-3a now provides that the penalty for starting late, but within five minutes of the starting time, is reduced from disqualification to loss of the first hole in match play or two strokes at the first hole in stroke play.

Members are advised not to adopt a casual attitude with their punctuality for competitions. All members need to report to the pro shop at least 15 minutes before their allocated tee time. Failure to do so could result in a forfeiting of their spot in the field.