Greg Anderson is our Tipping Expert in 2013
After 26 rounds and 4 weeks of Finals the Bluefit NRL Tipping Competition finished with Hurstville Golf Club member Greg Anderson finishing on top with a total of 144 points and the first prize of $220. Greg gained the lead midway through the season over fellow Hurstville Golf Club member Grahame Hammond who was our early front runner. Unfortunately for Grahame he couldn’t claw his way back and finished 5 points behind on 139 points. A further 2 points behind in 3rd Place was the Unhappy Dragon (Stewart Hardiman), who narrowly held out another BlueFit Staff Member Kate Apostolou by 1 point. Although it came down to a 2 person race for the title, this years Tipping Comp proved to be the best so far with some consistent tipping by the most contestants. For those that finished down the bottom of the ladder there’s always 2014 to turn your form around. Until then, enjoy your Friday afternoons where you don’t have to stress about getting your tips in on time.

Fixing your Slice
The Slice shot is one of the most frustrating shots you can hit. It’s got no power, curves out of control to the right and often ends up in the right trees or on another fairway. It’s a problem shot that most golfers struggle to overcome.

So how do we fix it?
There are a number of causes for hitting the slice, but this month I’m going to discuss the most common reason for hitting this undesirable shot and how to start fixing your fault.
The Open Clubface
Every shot that slices to the right will be the result of an open clubface at impact. The clubface may be open at address, on the take away, at the top of the swing or on the downswing, but I can guarantee the clubface is open when the clubface makes contact with the ball.
You need to become aware of your clubface position throughout the swing to change your ball flight to a draw. Start with a stronger 3 left hand grip, preferably 3 knuckles showing and in the fingers. Now let’s focus on the following 4 key positions. Address – make sure your clubface is aimed at the target or slightly left for a stronger draw (hook). Take away – when the club shaft is parallel to the ground early in the take away the bottom edge of the should be turned down slightly (see photo – clubface matches spine tilt)
Top of swing – leading edge of clubface should be on a 45 degree angle at the top (see photo -preferably more clubface to sky than toe down)
Half way down – clubface is turned down slightly (same position as take away).
If you match your clubface to these 4 positions you’ll be in a better position to attack the ball with a square to slightly closed clubface and draw your shots. If you have been playing your shots with an open stance and the ball position well forward to compensate for your slice, you will need to bring the ball position back a little and slightly close you stance to allow for your new ball flight.

1. Where and when did you start playing golf?
I played my first game of golf with my mother at Canterbury Golf Course and soon after became a member at Liverpool Golf Club, where I have been for the last twenty-five years.
2. Who is your favourite golfer?
Greg Norman (past), Adam Scott (current)

3. Where and what was you lowest round of golf?
I had shot 66 twice around my home golf course (Liverpool).

4. Favorite golf course
My favourite golf course is The Australian – the layout and test of golf along with the condition is also always immaculate.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I am looking forward to starting my golf professional traineeship with Stewart and Paul at Hurstville next year and hopefully in five year’s time I will be a qualified golf professional with options to explore within the golfing industry.

6. Other interests?
I like most sports – following Tottenham Hotspurs in the English Premier League, Richmond Tigers in the AFL, Indianapolis Colts in the NFL along with the St. Louis Cardinals in the Major League Baseball (who are playing in the World Series right now at the time of print)

7. Favorite food?
It is hard to go past Mum’s roast lamb dinners and since I cannot cook to save myself, I am very good friends with Ronald McDonald for his fine restaurants all over the country.

8. Favorite Holiday destination?
I am yet to find my favourite holiday destination at the moment as I have not travelled much – I do have to get to the US Masters one year on my bucket list, so would have to say that would be my favourite holiday destination.
9. Favorite Rugby league team?
Cronulla Sharks.
10. If you were down to your last $10 what you spend it on?
A four can pack of Red Bull.

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With the success of our girls winning the Encourage Shield earlier this year, our Open Junior Encourage Shield kicked off in full swing on Sunday 13th October.
Our awesome team members are: 1 Sam York, 2 Reece Johnson, 3 Ryan Johnson  4 Dean Nasser, 5 Cooper McLean and 6 Nicole Rothwell.

Round 1 at Woolooware versus The Coast – tight match and was halved 3 matches all.

Round 2 at The Coast versus Massey Park was nearly a whitewash.
We cleaned them up and won each match 5 – 1.

Round 3 at Kareela versus the undefeated Concord was always going to be a big match with some State Development players (ex Hurstville Juniors)!!
We dusted them off 4 – 2!!!  Excellent playing team!!!!

We are now the only undefeated team with two matches remaining!! Go Hurstville!!
Be sure to follow our juniors progress by picking up Mondays Telegraph or Herald or Google 2013 Encourage Shield to find results

We are nearly 3 months into the 2nd stage of the Hurstville Golf Course Water Harvesting Scheme and redevelopment of the lower section of the course. The works are moving along at a steady pace, despite the occasionally challenges from large rocks that have confronted the irrigation contractors whilst digging trenches. After commencing on the 5th hole in mid August the irrigation worker is now completed holes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 which are back open and starting to benefit from the new sprinklers that soak the fairways and greens. Barry & Gino have done a great job filling in and leveling the trench lines with top soil. Any sign of work will soon be non existent thanks to their efforts. After completing the 10th hole the irrigation work moved to 3rd hole where the water pipes and drainage lines have been completed. The 3rd is now ready for the final layer of top soil before the sprinkler heads are installed and the grass is laid. Fingers crossed this will be completed by the end of the month, which would allow us to open the whole front 9 by the end of the year. The irrigation contractors have also partially completed the 2nd and 15th holes and are in the process of commencing work on the 17th & 18th holes.
As for the construction work, nearly all the foundation fill has been delivered thanks to countless trucks that have been dumping loads of clay rich soil. This fill has been used to raise and reshape fairways, as well as construct new tees and greens. It’s amazing how the whole lower section of the golf course has transformed over such a short period. Holes 13 & 14 are going to be cracking holes. The 13th has two new tees including a Tiger Tee situated behind the 12th green. It dog legs from left to right with a gradual rise to an elevated green. The 14th hole which will play just over 300 metres will commence with a challenging tee shot that shapes from left to right to a narrow fairway and then sets up for an accurate approach to a smallish green tucked back to the left. Both holes look fantastic and I’m confident that all golfers will enjoy these new holes along with the new 3rd & 15th fairways. They will definitely add more character to the back nine and help transform Hurstville Golf Course into a more spectacular golf course.

Over the past few months members and guests have been challenged by constant changes to the playing order of holes at Hurstville Golf Course. The Par has varied from 62 to 70 and golfers have had to walk some extended distances between holes on some occasions. But with most of the work to the Top Section of the golf course complete, golfers will soon be able to play the same golf course until the full 18 hole course re opens.
Other positive news includes the fact all competition rounds are now being sent through to Golf Link for handicapping and bookings can once again be made 8 days in advance.
BlueFit staff would like to thank all the members and guests who have continued to play during this time of change. Your patronage will be rewarded in the not to distant future.
We would also like to welcome our new trainee professional Craig Cox to our team of friendly staff. Craig comes to us from Liverpool Golf Club and will be a valuable asset to BlueFit with his experience which includes a stint as Club Captain at Liverpool Golf Club. Craig will commence his PGA traineeship in 2014 and we wish him all the best for a successful apprenticeship. Craig has replaced Matt Jones who has completed his traineeship and now commences life as a tour professional. We thank Matt for his efforts whilst working at Hurstville Golf Course and wish him all the best with his endeavors as we follow his career.