Golfing Competition

The professionals on tour plan their schedules accordingly to give themselves the best preparation possible to be able to compete (and hopefully win) one of the four golf majors that are played every year being the US Masters, The US Open, British Open and the US PGA events.

From their practice sessions, exercise plan (both strength and conditioning program), short game work for shots that are played within 100 metres of the hole (where most golfers take 60% of their shots during a round of golf), and training with their swing coaches in readiness for the majors.

What are your major tournaments throughout the golfing year ?

  • Club Championships
  • Matchplay Championships
  • Foursomes Championships
  • Pennants / Club Representative Fixtures

Have you set yourself a goal to get your handicap to a certain level by the end of the year?

Maybe getting a lesson from one of the staff in the pro-shop could be the answer to help you improve your golf and get more enjoyment from the game.

Craig is running a US Masters Guessing Competition (that closes on Saturday 11th April) where you nominate who you think will win the first major of the year along with the winning score and the winning member will receive a 60 minute individual golf lesson.

Pop into the pro-shop and talk to Stewart or the team to see if they are able to help you with your golf game and be the envy of your playing partners.