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A Christmas Miracle at Hurstville

While playing golf in our Christmas Eve Tuesday Comp, regular member Brian fell to the ground on the 5th hole at around 7:45am with a suspected heart attack. Triple 0 was called and an ambulance was on its way.

A few members including David Curtis, our own Jeff Etcell (ProShop) dropped everything from the 7th hole and with assistance from a few members and visitors, CPR was applied to try and resuscitate Brian. A call was then made to Paul in the Pro Shop and the defibrillator was urgently delivered to Brian’s aid in our fast cart by our Club Captain, Peter Greig.

The defibrillator arrived and was administered twice without any success. However, a lucky third attempt finally sparked Brian back to life! A few minutes later multiple ambulances and police arrived to relieve everyone. Brian had another heart attack on the way to St. George Hospital but he was in good hands.

Jeff Etcell checked in with Brian on Christmas Day and he was in good spirits after everything that had happened with his blocked artery. Without the amazing assistance from Jeff, David, our defibrillator and everyone at the scene, it may have been a different story for Brian.

We’d like to thank the staff and volunteers who helped and we wish Brian a speedy recovery, we look forward to seeing you back playing at Royal Hurstville very soon!

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