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Golf Course Update

It’s been a long wait, but thankfully the rain has finally arrived at Hurstville Golf Course. Our tees, greens and surrounds have been kept in excellent condition by our ground staff in some of the most extreme weather conditions ever experienced in our lifetime. It goes to show how important water is to the life of the golf course and the role a fully functional irrigation system plays providing the greens and tees with a well-deserved drink every night.

Obviously the fairway sprinklers haven’t been in use lately due to current water restrictions, but this heavy rain combined with some well-timed fertilizer will promote some much-needed growth and have them looking green again within a week or two.

Another project that has been rolling along at good pace recently has been the removal of dangerous and dying trees from around the golf course. Some rather large trees have been brought down by the arborists and some have just fallen over themselves (fortunately not on anyone) like the big gum on the right side of the 14th fairway.

The project is very comprehensive and you’ll be seeing the tree guys around the course for some time to come. Please be cautious when playing in their vicinity. Below is a picture of Peter “Stumps” Bailey standing ironically on the remaining stump from the big gum that used to shadow the 8th green. No prizes for guessing why Peter’s nickname is Stumps.


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