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Golf Blooms At Hurstville Golf Course – Tips to Avoid Slow-Play

To say golf has been popular lately would be an understatement. Over the last 3 months, we have seen playing numbers at Hurstville Golf Course we haven’t experienced since the ’80s where Greg Norman inspired the nation to take up our wonderful game of golf.

The fact is golf is the best sport in the world to play while social distancing and it has played a major part in this wave of keen golfers, and the golf course looking beautiful and green has contributed too! The result has placed a higher demand on tee times and some days, especially the weekends, we are experiencing no vacant times which makes everyone’s pace of play extremely important.

As they say, “A good game is a fast game”. To help everyone we have put together a few tips below that will assist you the next time your group falls behind. They will also give you some practical ideas to help speed up your own game which will most likely see you playing better golf.

Tips to Avoid Slow-Play:

  • Proceed directly to your ball and be ready to hit.
  • Pick up your ball if you are unable to achieve any Stableford points or have had 10 strokes in a Stroke event.
  • Lost Ball or Out of Bounds Options
  • Hit a provisional ball off the tee if you feel your ball may be lost or out of bounds
  • Only look for a ball for 3 minutes
  • Call up the group behind you immediately if they are waiting
  • If the ball isn’t found within 3 minutes proceed to provisional ball
  • If no provisional ball was played, drop the ball on edge of fairway where the ball was presumed to be lost (2 stroke penalty)
  • Always keep in contact with the group in front. The location of the group behind you is irrelevant.
  • Move straight to your ball after each shot, unless it’s unsafe due to the line of play of another golfer
  • Plan your shot and choose your club whilst others are playing.
  • Limit practice swings to a reasonable number. Condense your pre-shot routine.
  • Do not leave your bag in front of a green while putting. Leave your bag to the side and walk to the next tee after putting out.
  • Line up your putts while others are putting. Putt out unless you are affecting another player’s line.
  • Do not mark your ball and continue to putt furthest away.
  • Proceed to the next hole and tee off whilst others in your group are still putting out.
  • Mark your scorecard on the next tee while others are teeing off.

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