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Enzo Corvino’s Rogue Buggy

A funny situation occurred on a regular Tuesday which featured one of Hurstville Golf Club’s greatest club members, Enzo Corvino.

Normally it’s just your usual midweek competition, except for a low flying David Felstead drive that cracked the ladies tee marker in half on the 14th. This day would be remembered due to Enzo!

Assistant professional, Paul Skinner, was on the 9th tee when to his surprise, Enzo, in the group in front, was driving a cart along the tree line around the back of the tee, looking a bit lost.

Paul asked him what was up and he said something that sounded like ‘remote’ and threw his arms up in the air! When Paul arrived at the Clubhouse his partners explained what happened.

On the 8th green while putting, Enzo’s motorised push buggy took off and started rolling away with the whole group unaware. David and a few other members set off to help Enzo find his buggy. It was later revealed that Enzo had accidentally pressed the remote button which set the buggy rolling and it must have crossed the 9th, 1st, 10th and 17th holes and finally coming to rest on the side of the 18th hole. How it missed dozens of trees or didn’t go in the bush no one knows…

Enzo the character then posed for this photo a few day’s later. No explanation is required!

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