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Golf Tip from Stewart

I’m always looking to improve my student’s basic fundamentals when conducting a lesson. If a student’s grip, posture, body angles, alignment or ball position is out of whack it’s extremely difficult to produce a good swing and consistent shots.

Once a good set up of these basic fundamentals has been established, then we look at how the body is moving and the efficiency of these movements.

What we need to do is create a consistent shoulder/upper body turn without changing our posture or body angles. This golf tip will show you one of my favourite exercises to develop a powerful upper body turn which will minimize change, maximize efficiency and help you achieve a better swing path and consistent solid contact with the ball.

With a little practice at home and on the range you’ll be on your way to playing better golf.


Set up three alignment sticks on the ground. One down your target line and two perpendicular to your target line (approx shoulder with apart). Take stance with golf club across your shoulders.

Step 2.

Backswing move – Turn shoulders so club is parallel to alignment stick inside back foot (image on the left) Be sure to maintain posture / forward bend and make grip point at target line (image on the right).

Step 3.

Downswing move – shift weight from back foot to front leg whilst working right shoulder down towards the ball so club points at ball (image on the left) Again, make sure you maintain your posture by staying over the ball (image on the right)

Step 4.

Keep practicing these moves until you develop a repetitive feel and then hit a ball with the same feel!

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