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Golf Tip From Paul

Simplified Chipping:

In my teaching and playing with golfers I have observed that many golfers stand too far away from the ball and their feet are too far apart. 

Either way, this gets the wrists too active and forces the club to be swung towards your body. With this set up the hands manipulate the club to return it to the ball and lead to inconsistent results.

From these videos, the correct action is a simple motion working the Y shape from the shoulders to the grip to the club-head taking the hands out of the shot.

In point form below are the keys for a good set up: (see video below)

  • Standing tall 
  • Arms hanging from shoulders in Y shape
  • Grip 1 inch down
  • Hands slightly ahead of the ball 
  • Ball just outside of eye-line. 
  • Feet approximately half shoulder width.
  • Weight slightly on the front foot.

A great practice drill you can do at home or on the practise ground for improving your swing path and descending your strike is set up 2 alignment sticks or golf clubs a bit wider than your club-head parallel towards a target at 5-10m. (see video below)

Your first goal is to swing the club between the tracks. Your second goal is to maintain your weight on the front foot through the swing.  In addition to this drill practice from a tight/bare lie. For this shot turn, the toe of your club slightly closed. 

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