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Punctuality Rules at Hurstville Golf

Over the last few months, we have been experiencing an increase in members arriving late for their designated competition tee time and also not calling the pro shop to cancel when they decide to not show up for their competition game.

Please see the following rules:


  • All players are expected to be at the course no later than 15 minutes before their designated tee time.
  • Rule 5.3A states that a player must be at their starting point ready to play at their appropriate tee time.
  • A breach of Rule 5.3a will result in Disqualification. An exception applies if the player arrives, ready to play, no more than 5 minutes late where the general penalty (2 strokes) is applied to the player’s first hole.


There has been an increase in the number of players not showing up for the allotted tee time and NOT notifying the pro shop of their non-appearance. Any future non-appearances will be noted and the member will be sent a warning letter and a further offence would result in the member being place at the rear of the field.

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