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Golf Course Update

Stage One of Tree Clearing has just been completed, however, all golfers should still be mindful when playing shots from the trees, especially during high winds. Unfortunately, the trees aren’t the only dangers we can encounter on the golf course.

There have been numerous reports of red belly black snakes being spotted on the golf course. Most of these have occurred around the holes 3, 4, 12, 16 and 17. Please be cautious when looking for balls in the thick scrub. And as summer approaches fast, the chances of severe thunderstorms increase dramatically.

BlueFit and Hurstville Golf Club have a procedure in place to protect and warn all golfers when they are at risk from destructive storms and lightning strikes. Please familiarise yourself with the procedure below which may also be used when greens become unplayable due to heavy rain;

  • 3 blasts from siren – stop play immediately and head straight to the proshop. If in the middle of playing a hole, mark your ball position with a tee and pick up.
  • Take Shelter – once back at the proshop take shelter in the shop or under the pergola/BBQ area
  • Instructions – the HGC match committee or BlueFit staff member will advise all golfers of the estimated time of delay. When it’s safe and the greens are playable you’ll be instructed to head back onto the golf course and will have 10 minutes to find your position ready to resume play. If the delay is extended and doesn’t allow golfers sufficient daylight to complete the day’s event, the competition will be cancelled. Anyone wishing to leave the course before the day’s competition is cancelled MUST advise the proshop and hand in their scorecard.
  • 1 long blast of the siren – after golfers have been given their 10 minutes to return to their hole, 1 long blast of the siren will sound to resume play

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