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Stewart’s Golf Tip: December 2020:

If you’re a slicer and find it impossible to draw a golf shot this month’s tip is for you!

A sliced shot can be caused by a number of factors. Grip, set up, posture, aim all play a part in hitting this most undesirable golf shot. Today we will look at the swing path and how all slicers swing from outside to inside path on their downswing.

Depending on the clubface this swing path will make the ball start left of the target for a right-hand golfer. And if a ball starts left of the target you need an open clubface to curve the ball to the right and back to the target.

This is the perfect formula for a slice:
Path Left + Clubface Open = Slice

So, what formula do we need to draw a golf shot? To curve a ball from right to left the opposite formula is required:
Path Right + Clubface Closed = Draw

Let’s focus on the first part of the equation, the path right. Click on the video below to see one of my favourite drills to help create a swing path to the right.

It involves closing your stance and upper body off to the target in order to feel the arms and club swing from the inside to develop and path out to the right. Once you develop some consistency with this, you’ll soon gain the confidence to close your clubface to produce the draw.

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