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Jan 2021 eNews Headers (24)

Golf Course Update

The course improvements work is well underway with phase one beginning on January 11th. This first phase involves the construction of new 1st and 10th green complexes, plus works to the 10th fairway to reduce the severity of slope, and the inclusion of a new fairway bunker down the left side.

The entire area has been fenced off as a construction zone and no golfers are permitted to enter the area at any time. If you mis-hit your golf ball into the construction zone you are permitted to ask one of the contractors if they can retrieve your ball.

As a result of these works the 1st hole is now being played as a short Par 4 of approximately 200m and the 10th hole is out of play. All golfers are to start the back nine from the 11th hole and for safety reasons everyone must make their way to the 11th tee by walking down the 10th hole and following the temporary fencing around the left side.

Please be mindful of players teeing off the 9th hole as you approach that tee area.

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