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Course Renovations Update

March was a testing month for all golfers with 371mm of rain falling on Hurstville Golf Course, which saw the course closed for 5 days in Sydney’s wettest March since 1942. Fortunately, our course faired much better than most and was back open to members and social players within a couple of days. Despite the conditions, contractors managed to dismantle the pergola in the BBQ area and rip up the concrete slab which will make way for the new putting green to be constructed.

Work has continued on the new 1st and 10th greens with the shape of these greens now completed.

Irrigation and drainage works will continue on the 1st and 10th holes over the next few weeks, then we can look forward to seeing greens seeded and turning of surrounds.

There will be a spine on the approach to the 1st green which will see approach shots repelled left or right if you are not straight. On the 10th hole, approach shots that carry the fairway bunker on the left will feed towards the green but will fall short on most occasions because of the slope of the raised putting surface.

The immediate surrounds of both greens will be short mown grass which will give golfers the choice of playing a chip and run, texas wedge or flop shot when trying to get their ball up and down.

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