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Golf Tip of The Month

This month I’m going to share with you one of my favourite practice drills which will help you develop a great feel for a swing that is on the plane. It’s called the wall drill and it gives you instant feedback when you’re swinging the right way and when you’re off the plane.

If you regularly practice this drill at home daily for 15 – 20 minutes you’ll change your swing within 4 weeks to a point where you hit less wayward shots and start finding more fairways off the tee and greens in regulation. Check out the attached video whilst referring to the points below. If you need help straightening up your gamebook for a lesson with Stewart or Paul.

#1 – Take your address position with a mid-iron (e.g 7iron) with your back to the wall (heels should be approximately half a foot from a wall)

#2 – Make a backswing allowing your right elbow to fold and your wrists to hinge so your clubhead misses the wall (place a putter cover over the clubhead to protect both your club and the wall)

#3 – To transition into the downswing allow your arms to drop and your clubhead to touch the wall, then drag down the wall until the clubhead gets to hip height (there’s a shift into the left side for right-hand golfers during this move)

#4 – From this position, the arms will swing through the impact zone whilst the left hip turns towards the wall

#5 – To complete the swing the wrists will hinge up again (with a topspin feel) so the clubhead misses the wall as it did on the backswing

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