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Golf Course Update

Things are constantly changing on and off the course at Hurstville GC. Apart from a number of days where the rain has halted progress, the construction teams have continued to work away with their big earth-moving machines to change the landscape of our course.

Every day there’s something that looks different and that trend is likely to continue until the works are completed. The site of the new putting green, 1st & 10th tees is currently being shaped. It won’t be long before we all have a good idea of how this area will look.

The latest change to the course layout is the closure of the 5th hole and the first half of the 6th hole. This area has been fenced off as a construction zone for work to begin on the 5th tee and 6th fairway. The new forward 5th tee will make driving over the gully much easier for the shorter hitters and the raising of the 6th fairway on the left side will increase the odds of finding the short grass off the tee.

The works in this area of the course are anticipated to take at least 10 weeks. Whilst in progress, golfers will walk directly from the 4th green to the top section of the 6th fairway via the track left off the 5th tee. The 6th Hole will be played as a 110m Par 3 to the existing green. The 7th hole will be played as normal.

Please be aware that players are not permitted to enter construction zones to search for errant golf balls if shots are flared off towards the 6th fairway whilst playing this hole.

The only other project to take place soon will be the construction of the forward tee on the 8th hole. This work shouldn’t cause any disruptions to the playability of the 8th hole, with most of the work scheduled for non-competition days.

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