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July 2021 eNews Headers (22)

Green Carts Back in Action

They haven’t cruised the fairways of Royal Hurstville for many years and were ready for the scrap heap, but the two old schools EZ-GO golf carts (AKA Green Machines) which were used for course marshalling and green keeping duties have been revived thanks to Carl Craddick, Hurstville member and mechanical genius.

Carl noticed both carts whilst playing golf one day and saw the somewhat tired looking carts lying idle. Always up for a challenge, Carl asked us if he could have a crack at bringing both carts back to life! After sourcing and fitting new batteries, then browsing through a mind-boggling manual he found online, Carls efforts were rewarded when the motor click into gear and the wheels began to turn. All they need now is a little cut and polish, some new wheels and the new cart storage shed to call home.

Thank you Carl, champion effort from a champion fella!

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