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The ProShop Bar Re-Opens

Life has been challenging over the last 12 months but fortunately, golf has been able to adapt to the constant changes with COVID rules. We have had restrictions on travel distances, a maximum of 2 players per group, one tee starts, compulsory check-ins, mandatory mask-wearing and take away service from the front door. However, one of the big disappointments for most members was their right to have a refreshing beer after their round.

In June our Pro Shop bar closed as COVID restrictions were tightened. At that time nobody would have imagined this rule would last close to 4 months but that’s exactly how it played out. Thankfully during October restrictions were eased and double vaccinated golfers were allowed to enjoy a cleansing ale after their round again.

It’s a small reward for our members and guests who have embraced the reopening of our 19th hole. It’s great to see everyone socializing after the round and telling tales of the ups and downs of their rounds!

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