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Course Works Update

The on-course renovations works at Hurstville Golf Course have really come to life over the last month. The surrounds of the 1st and 10th greens have been turfed with rolls of couch grass which were trucked down from Queensland. Consistent rain has been much welcomed helping the root systems establish quickly. Shortly after the surroundings were completed the seeding process began.

Both the 1st and 10th greens were seeded with bent grass which quickly germinated and started to display green tinges within 10 days. Both greens now display a full coverage of grass! The next task was to finish off the fairway on the 10th hole by covering it with Kikuyu grass which took a couple of days of hard yakka. Now completed, the landing areas for your tee shots off the 10th tee are clearly visible.

Unlike the old 10th hole where a tee shot landing in the middle of the fairway could end up on the 17th hole, tee shots that land in the middle will stay on the fairway which is fair.

The crew have also been working hard on the 9th and 18th greens along with the greenside bunkers. Both holes will require accurate approach shots to avoid the traps. It shouldn’t be too long before the surrounds of both holes are turfed and seeded too.

Work has also continued on the 1st and 10th tees, as well as the, practise putting green which is going to be a beauty with lots of undulations. The only other things that need to be completed are the concrete paths around the 1st and 10th tees, the new women’s 8th tee which has been shaped and the 6th fairway and women’s 5th tee.

Hopefully, there won’t be any delays in the coming months and these projects can be completed in good time!

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