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New Clubhouse Update

It took two days of hard work for BlueFit staff to transfer everything out of the old ProShop and into the temporary demountable which looks more like an old school caravan than a shop. A special thanks to members Ron Lea and Johny Wallace that helped with the moving process.

Although it’s super cosy in the temporary, we managed to utilise every square metre of space fitting in the essential items like the coffee machine, beer fridge, pie oven, essential golf products, scorecard printer and computer systems. After a month of operation, things seem to be running smoothly and the members and guests are enjoying the serenity whilst their cold beverages are under the trees.

Once vacated the demolition crew took 2 days to knock down the old ProShop which welcomed golfers to Hurstville Golf Course for 53 years. Within one week the remains had been sorted and removed from the work site in preparation for the new clubhouse / ProShop.

The next step is to prepare and then lay the foundation. Hopefully, that will be completed in early January so the contractors can start building the new home of Hurstville Golf Course.

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