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Golf Tip: What Ball Should I Use?

Q. What ball should you use?
A. Something round with dimples? OR find out what works for you?

Hurstville Golf Course is evolving and with 4 new greens on the way and changes to the course set up it is worth considering what ball to use.

Do I need;

  • A ball that will grab and spin more on short irons and pitches?
  • A ball with good penetration and control into the wind?
  • A ball that will grip more on chips?
  • A ball with good feel on putts?
  • A ball that maximises distance off the tee?

The general rule of thumb is the longer you carry the ball, the higher compression you’ll need in your ball (80 +) to maximise distance and spin. The shorter you carry the ball the lower compression you’ll need in your ball to maximise Distance and Control. Typically a golfer who hits the ball less than 150m will benefit from a lower compression ball (between 40 and 70)

The firmness of the greens should also be considered. When the greens are firm and fast you need a ball that can maximize spin with your approach shots and chips from around the green. Generally when the greens are soft and slow so and the fairways, so greenside spin isn’t as important and golfers should choose a ball that maximizes carry and distance from the tee.

Next time you win some prizemoney, instead of buying a dozen that’s on special or a ball you have always played, ask us for a ball recommendation so that you can maximise your scoring potential.

We would suggest you try 3 different balls, go and have a practice game on the course and hit some shots from all positions and you will definitely find a preferred ball. Sometimes it may be worthwhile spending more on a ball that works for you rather than compromising your scoring ability.

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