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Course & Clubhouse Update

Once again, the course and clubhouse works have been dampened by awful weather conditions that have hit the East Coast over the last few weeks. The team working on the course have managed to load sand onto the new putting green and shape the surface before all the works came to an abrupt halt.

Course works will remain on hold until the ground surface dries up enough to allow trucks on site. The main tasks left are to turf around the 1st and 10th tee complexes, seed the putting green and complete the 6th fairway. All fingers and toes are crossed that the trucks delivering turf and soil will gain a window of dry conditions to complete these tasks.

On a positive note, our new greens have relished in the wet conditions and are looking sensational. Although a little more grass needs to be laid to some of the surrounds, it appears that holes 1, 9, 10 and 18 will more than likely be ready to play well before the 6th hole is likely to open.

Unfortunately, the clubhouse/ProShop building works have been halted too and reduced to pumping water out of the worksite only. The whole area will need a good 4 days of dry conditions at least before work can recommence there.

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