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Purchasing a New Putter

Choosing the right putter to improve your game can be confusing. Hopefully, our tips below to help you find the right one for your game.

Firstly, does the putter fit your stroke and set up to deliver more consistency to the part of the game that is most critical to your scoring? Does the putter improve your aim, rhythm and face angle at impact?

We feel mallet putters will help the majority of golfers because their bigger heads allow for more prominent lines and visual aids, which allows the golfer to aim correctly. Once the golfer has confidence with their alignment, they can focus more on speed and break which are key elements to consistent putting.

If you’re like most golfers, you’re more concerned with avoiding three-putts than holing every birdie putt you see. The forgiveness of a mallet putter with off-centre strikes will also assist with distance control, and that’s the best way to avoid the dreaded three-putt.

When purchasing a new putter make sure you resist the temptation to focus on the putter you just made three five-footers with. Don’t even aim at a hole. Instead, focus on finding the putter that can consistently roll 20-foot putts on the same line and at the same speed. That shows you’ve got a putter that you stroke consistently with the face square to the target at impact. The hole-outs will come naturally and more often due to your improved alignment.

Finally, don’t overlook the role the grip plays either. Grip size can help moderate or enhance the role your hands play in the putting stroke, depending on what’s best for your game.

At Hurstville Golf Course we will soon have a new putting green on which you’ll be able to test out new putters on. Some brands coming to our new ProShop when it opens later this year include Cleveland, Odyssey & Scotty Cameron.

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