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Golf Tip of The Month – Bunker Shots

Some of our golf course renovations are getting closer to completion. With three of the four new greens being guarded by bunkers, it makes sense this month to focus our golf tip on how to improve your bunker play.

There are many things you need to do when playing bunker shots but the most important three things are loft, angle of attack and acceleration. Below are some tips on how to improve all three;

Loft – open your clubface before taking your grip. Before placing your hands on the club, rotate your left hand to the right and your right hand to the left, so both hands are more on top of the grip (butterfly style). This will allow you to use your hands and wrists to release the clubhead through the sand without the clubface closing

Angle of Attack – many golfers think you need to open your stance and swing from outside to inside, but this can cause a steep angle of attack into the sand which can easily result in either taking too much or not enough sand. Rather than opening your stance when setting up for your next bunker shot, set up square with your stance and just open your front foot (left foot for right-handers). By setting up the square your swing path will be more on-plane which will encourage a shallower angle of attack, which combined with an open clubface will encourage you to take the correct amount of sand when splashing your shot out.

Acceleration – it’s imperative that you accelerate the clubhead through the sand when playing bunker shots. The best way to achieve this is by keeping soft arms and wrists, then creating arm speed and releasing the wrists through the shot to a finish position. Unless you’re playing a plugged ball, you must follow through on all bunker shots.

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