Hurstville Golf Course offers 18 holes with a great variety of gentle rolling hills, plenty of natural hazards and smooth, quick greens.
Hole 1MensLadies
Par 4290m280m

A short Par 4 requiring tee shot down the left side of fairway which will roll to the middle. From the middle of the fairway it’s a short to medium iron to a relatively flat green. Playing to the centre of the green will leave a makeable putt for all pin positions

Hole 3MensLadies
Par 3117m98m

A short Par 3 from an elevated tee. It’s one of Hurstville Golf Courses iconic holes which requires good distance control and accuracy from the tee. A drop of 20 metres from tee to green requires less club than you would usually use for this distance and from the back tee you can find yourself playing blind and lining your shot up with a tree in the distance. The green slopes from front to back, so try to lag your putts from short of the hole.

Hole 3MensLadies
Par 5432m427m

A beautiful Par 5 that was re-designed in 2014. The tee shot is fairly generous with plenty of width in the fairway. Long hitters may be tempted to play for the green with their second shot, but be careful as it’s protected by hazards left, right and short. The percentage play is to lay up short of the creek 30m in front of the green and leave a pitch shot between 60m -100m. The green is one of Hurstville’s longest, so distance control is imperative with your third shot to leave a makeable putt.

Hole 4MensLadies
Par 3162m141m

Hurstville Golf Courses signature hole is this challenging Par 3 across a large dam that was built to harvest storm water in 2015. Picking the right club to clear the water and reach the elevated green is essential. Be mindful of the trees protecting the right side of the green and try to leave your ball short of the hole as the green slopes severely from back to front leaving super-fast putts from above the hole. Two putting this green is always a relief

Hole 5MensLadies
Par 4290m270m

A short Par 4 that requires a medium to long tee shot over a gully to the fairway. Playing to the left side of the fairway leaves the shortest carry and will see the ball roll towards the middle of the fairway. From there it’s a short to medium iron to a small green that slopes from left to right. Putting can be tricky on this green as there is usually a lot of break involved.

Hole 6MensLadies
Par 4376m368m

One of Hurstville’s toughest holes. This Par 4 requires an accurate tee shot down the right side of a narrow fairway which is guarded by trees left and right. All tee shots that avoid the trees will feed to the left on this sloping fairway. The approach shot requires a medium to long iron or sometimes even a fairway wood to an elevated green which is long and slopes uphill from the front edge. Wayward approaches are better to the right, as mounds located just right of the green will kick the ball towards the green. Putting from below the hole is always an advantage on this green.

Hole 7MensLadies
Par 5486m425m

Unless playing from the Championship tees, this hole is Hurstville’s shortest Par 5 and one of the best chances to make a birdie. The tee shot is elevated and the only protection for this hole is the trees left and right that guard the fairway. A long straight ball from the tee can leave a medium to long iron to the green which is protected by a large gum on the left. Approach shots are best to be curved from right to left to avoid ricochets from this tree. The green is narrow, long and slopes left to right, so try to keep you ball right of the flag.

Hole 8MensLadies
Par 5496m475m

Longer hitters tend to love Par 5’s, however the 8thHole will require two brilliant shots to get to the green. Playing 496 metres from the plates and with a left to right dogleg at around 180m from the green, all players can make a big number here. The green in comparison is moderately smaller than others, so approaches will need to be precise to score well.

Hole 9MensLadies
Par 4321m313m

The 9thhole presents a fairly generous fairway, but the approach shot is quite important to score well here. There are 3 bunkers short and to the right of this green, and left of the green will leave a downhill chip. The green though is fairly flat, and can yield birdies to all levels of player.

Hole 10MensLadies
Par 4262m260m

The shortest Par 4 on the golf course, the 10thcan present a great scoring opportunity to begin the inward nine. The longer golfer is capable of driving this green, although you should be aware that long and right of the green there is very thick bushland. The recommended play is to hit your tee shot past the fairway trap at 170m from the tee, which will leave a shorter iron to the small green. Leaving your approach short of the hole is paramount to giving you a good birdie opportunity.

Hole 11MensLadies
Par 3135m121m

This short Par 3 has been the sight of many hole in ones, due to the number of ways the hole can be played. An elevated tee shot, the golfer must avoid going anywhere right or long of this green, as balls can disappear into the bushland. A steady slope down to the green, the golfer has the option to land the ball short and let it run onto the green which slopes back to front. Leaving the ball below the hole is important for having a good chance at birdie.

Hole 12MensLadies
Par 3132m125m

The short Par 3 12this often overlooked as far as difficulty but can be a very tough hole if there’s a breeze present. The approach will either have to be high to hold the green, or land short and run onto the green, as the green slopes away from the golfer. Birdie is achievable for all golfers, but a par is always welcome at 12.

Hole 13MensLadies
Par 4342m302m

A very generous driving hole, all players should have little problem getting the ball into play on 13. Nevertheless, the approach to this green is enough to make the best players nervous. A firm raised green that slopes off on every side, the golfer will have to play a shot that is either high or has a lot of spin to hold the green. The green is rather undulating, so a two-putt is always welcome.

Hole 14MensLadies
Par 4300m280m

Hole 14 is a shorter Par 4, however players will have to be aware of the trouble waiting. Trees on the right make the golfer play to the left side of the fairway, but if the tee shot is too far left the player will be blocked out by the trees that guard the green. Longer players can attempt to drive the green but will have to shape their drive left to right. Try to avoid going over the back of this green, as it leaves an all but impossible up and down.

Hole 15MensLadies
Par 5538m462m

The longest hole on the course from the championship tees, the 15thcan play brutal into the breeze. A slight dogleg right, longer players can fly the trees on the corner from the shorter tees, leaving around a 220m approach to the green. The green is blind from anywhere outside 130m, so it’s advised that shorter players should layup over the hill. One of the smaller greens on the course, a player will have to avoid going long of the green, which will leave an extremely hard chip shot.

Hole 16MensLadies
Par 3110m102m

The 16this the shortest hole on the golf course, but don’t be fooled, it still requires a very precise shot. The green has a steep false front, meaning any balls short will run off. It is suggested that the golfer should be conservative and play to the centre of the green, as missing the green left or long is a very difficult up-and-down.

Hole 17MensLadies
Par 4377m362m

The most difficult hole on the golf course, the 17this a hole that requires the golfer to play smart. Longer hitters can get around the corner of the dogleg, but need to be very accurate and avoid the hazard that runs along the entire left side of the hole. It is recommended that shorter hitter play to the right side of the fairway, which will leave around 160m to the green. The green is the largest on the course with also the most undulation, so a two putt is always acceptable.


Hole 18MensLadies
Par 3150m120m

The final hole at Hurstville Golf Course is a medium length Par 3 that requires precise distance control. Players will have to negotiate the deep bunker short of the green, but also avoid going long of the green, which is a very difficult up-and-down. Par is always a welcome score on the 18th.