By Head Professional – Stewart Hardiman

Routine, Rhythm & Balance

I’m often asked, what should I focus on when on the golf course?

My answer is always the same, Routines, Rhythm and Balance. I don’t like golfers thinking about technique too much on the course. I prefer to focus on my rhythm and balance which encourages me to think of my swing as a whole motion, rather than a combination of different positions. These technical thoughts should be left for the practice fairway.

I encourage every golfer to develop a routine for all their shots. Routines will vary slightly from full swings to pitching, chipping and putting, but all will be a series of consistent steps to get yourself into a position to execute the shot at hand. This will allow you to be focused on the process and increase your chances of a good result.

A good routine will always include a practise swing before addressing the ball. This is the perfect time to develop a good feel for the swing, pitch, chip or putt as a whole motion with good rhythm and balance. I believe most poor shots are a result of these two abilities being non-existent. When you’re playing next try to focus on a nice smooth rhythm and a balanced finish position during your practice swing and then try to repeat this when hitting your shot. For full shots this will result with you finishing balanced on your front leg, belly facing the target and your back heel of the ground, like Ben Hogan in the 1950 U.S.Open at Merion.

If you need help with any areas of your game, please contact either Paul or myself. We are more than happy to help you improve your game.