Find out everything you need to know about the current condition of the golf course.

After some consistent rainfall Hurstville Golf Course is looking extremely lush and green. The fairways and tees are arguably as good as they have ever been and the greens are starting to bounce back. The golf course grounds staff are several months into a strict maintenance program to restore all of Hurstville’s greens to a healthy cover of bent grass. The program has included a heavy coring in March, followed by numerous needle spike coring, top dressing, rolling, re-seeding, fertilising and the continued use of potable water.

As a result, we are now seeing much healthier soil and grass root systems. Although there are still a few patches that need more time, the well covered areas are becoming increasingly larger and the colder weather, rain and dedicated work from the maintenance team will see the bent grass spread to cover all our putting surfaces in the next few months. BlueFit, Hurstville Golf Club and Georges River Council would like to thank everyone for their continued patience throughout the restoration process.

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