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Golf Tip of the Month

Stop the Slice

Most golfers have had their difficulties battling a slice, but most don’t know why it occurs and how to go about fixing it.

The bottom line is, anytime the ball slices it’s a direct result of the clubface being open to the swing path of the club.

So how do we go about fixing that? Well, one thing for sure is we don’t aim our stance and shoulders further left of the target to allow for the slice. This will only compound the problem with your ball position moving too far forward which causes you to swing across the ball more. 

Instead of that, you need to hit some balls with the ball slightly back further and your feet, hips and shoulders aiming right of the target. It’s a scary thought for a slicer, but if you start doing this and make sure your clubface is aiming left at address and again at impact you’ll lose that dreaded slice straight away. You’ll need to strengthen your left hand grip too so you can see 3 knuckles and then you may even find yourself hooking the ball to the left. If that occurs, don’t go back to opening your clubface, just try to swing more in to out through the ball. That will feel like your hitting out to 1 o’clock when your target is 12 o’clock.

Remember to make these changes on the range until you develop a positive feel and if you need
any help straightening out your game, contact Stewart or Paul for a lesson. We’ll get you back on

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