August 2023 HGC - Golf Tip

Golf Tip of the Month

Texas Wedge and Hybrids – 

With our new greens (1,9,10 & 18) and in dry conditions you are often faced with tight lies and sticky grass where the ball is lying into the grain which can make it difficult to make solid contact when chipping with a short iron. 

There is nothing more frustrating than being greenside in regulation and walking off the green with double or triple bogey.

Try this out next time when practising.

Texas Wedge (Putter)

If the grass is fairway height this can be a great option as the club is shorter. When hitting longer putts add a little hip turn to lengthen the swing and ensure you stay lower in your posture to ensure a centred strike.


Same action as putting, grip down the shaft a few inches. The ball will come out a bit hotter than a putt so adjust for a shorter swing. A hybrid can be useful to run the ball through rough too.

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