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Lob (Flop) Shots – Sand wedge or Lob Wedge

Often we are faced with shots where we need to get the ball over a bunker or stop the ball quickly to a short-sided flagstick.

Commonly a golfer may try to lift the ball in the air and blade it across the green or use the leading edge and stab at their shot and hit the ball a few meters in front of them. If this is you please read on.

While this shot can look scary, it is achievable if you employ the correct technique.

The keys to getting height and to land the ball softly is to utilise the club's loft and maintain an open club face through the shot. Also, we need to keep clubhead speed up through the and utilise the bounce on the sole of the wedge. A basic feel for the swing is the letter U.

Set up

Wide Stance (Driver Width) – Weight Forward – Hands Low – Open clubface 45 degrees at least (like bunkers) – Cupped Lead Hand (see the video below).


Back-Swing – back to at least 9 o’clock – Downswing – now feel the bottom hand stay under the shaft and feel the clubhead passing the hands at impact – Arms feel close to our body to maintain connection – the bounce of the wedge pinches the turf and sends the ball upwards – now complete your swing up to shoulder height.

Let us know how you go and if you need any help with this part of your game please contact Stewart or Paul.

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