2023 June HGC - Golf Course Update

Golf Course Update

On Saturday 10th June the 5th and 6th holes were open for play for the members to test out in the Saturday Comp. It’s been a long time coming due to major delays from both flooding and asbestos issues, but we finally got there and we now have the full 18-hole course back in play for the first time since the major course works began in January 2021. The 5th hole now has a forward tee which will primarily be used for the Women’s Gold Course, juniors and some social players. It makes teeing off and carrying the gully a much easier challenge. The major change to the 6th hole has been the fairway. Previously known as the unfair way, it was nearly impossible to hit with balls landing on the right side finishing in the left trees. Fortunately, the left side has been raised, some nasty trees have been removed and the width of the fairway has been increased. The 6th will still be one of the more challenging holes on the course, but at least good tee shots will be rewarded with a clear approach shot to the green from a beautiful new fairway.

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