SFMC May eNews 2023 (10)

MGI – Test Drive

If you’re in the market for a new buggy, look no further than MGI who is the number one
manufacturer of electric buggies in Australia and most used at Hurstville Golf Course.
And we have two of the Zip models in store for you to check out.
The Zip 1 which we have a demo model. This buggy is available for a free trial by appointment. It’s
the base model, but it will give you an idea on how MGI buggies perform before committing to buy
a model.
And the MGI Zip X3 we have in floor stock. This buggy will turn heads with its stylish look and
modernistic design whilst being effortless in its operation. For effortless play, the MGI Zip X3 is
built on a platform of signature MGI features like a Controlled Distance Function, a swivelling &
lockable front wheel and all-terrain tread wheels. To help improve your game and feel in
control, the advanced digital electronics will provide valuable statistics, like distances walked
and longest drive.
MGI Zip Series buggies are ideally suited to fit cart bags. Not all stand/carry bags are compatible.

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