We all play golf for fun, but occasionally the game becomes less enjoyable when the pace of play is really slow out on the course. Here at Hurstville golfers should comfortably play 18 holes in 4 hours or less, but often that time is stretching out to 4.5 hours and sometimes even as long as 5 hours.

Playing at a better pace is not about rushing around the course and being stressed. It’s simply more about being efficient with your time, as well as everyone else’s. Adopting this mindset and encouraging your fellow playing partners to follow suit will ultimately add enjoyment to everyone's experience.

And to help everyone improve the speed of play we will provide a couple of simple tips in our monthly newsletter over the next 6 months. Below are our first 2 tips:

Be Prepared

Confirm your tee time in advance and arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time. When registering in competitions choose the right tees that suit your game and ability. Playing off forward markers not only makes it easier, it also helps you play quicker and enjoy your round more. Make sure you have your golf equipment in order, ready to play. Remember essentials like extra balls, tees, gloves and appropriate clothing for the day.

Minimise your time on the tee

On the tee it is acceptable for players to “hit when ready”. Don’t wait for playing partners or enter your scores from the previous hole. Make it your priority to get up on the tee and hit without delay. You can also save time by playing a provisional ball if you feel your tee shot may be lost or out of bounds. Provisional balls are not to be played for tee shots that are directed towards water and red pegged hazards.

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