Par 3

2nd Hole

2nd Hole 2nd Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 3 Mens 117m Ladies 98m 2nd Hole A short Par 3 from an elevated tee. It’s one of Hurstville Golf Courses iconic holes which requires good distance control and accuracy from the tee. … Read More

4th Hole

4th Hole 4th Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 3 Ladies 141m Mens 162m 4th Hole Hurstville Golf Courses signature hole is this challenging Par 3 across a large dam that was built to harvest stormwater in 2015. Picking the right club … Read More

11th Hole

11th Hole 11th Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 3 Ladies 135m Mens 121m 11th Hole This short Par 3 has been the sight of many hole in ones, due to the number of ways the hole can be played. An elevated … Read More

12th Hole

12th Hole 12th Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 3 Ladies 132m Mens 125m 12th Hole The short Par 3 12 is often overlooked as far as difficulty but can be a very tough hole if there’s a breeze present. The approach … Read More

16th Hole

16th Hole 16th Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 3 Ladies 110m Mens 102m 16th Hole The 16this the shortest hole on the golf course, but don’t be fooled, it still requires a very precise shot. The green has a steep false … Read More

18th Hole

18th Hole 18th Hole COURSE GUIDE Par 3 Ladies 150m Mens 120m 18th Hole The final hole at Hurstville Golf Course is a medium-length Par 3 that requires precise distance control. Players will have to negotiate the deep bunker short … Read More